Grand Prairie TX Zip Code

Grand Prairie TX Zip Code

Known for its affordable housing, cultural diversity, and central location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Grand Prairie has grown rapidly in recent years. But what zip codes service this thriving Texas town? Let’s explore.

A Brief History of Grand Prairie

Once a small farming community, Grand Prairie began expanding in the late 1800s with the arrival of railroads connecting Dallas and Fort Worth. It incorporated in 1909 and continued growing as post-war suburbs stretched outward from the metroplex urban cores.

Grand Prairie TX Zip Code

Main Zip Codes of Grand Prairie

As Grand Prairie occupies nearly 40 square miles, several zip codes are in use across different areas:

  • 75050 – Central Grand Prairie neighborhoods just west of highways 360 and 303.
  • 75051 – The western region along Lake Arlington and east of I-20 and Highway 360.
  • 75052 – Covers eastern Grand Prairie including Ovilla Rd and areas south of I-30.
  • 75053 – The southeast Grand Prairie area near Joe Pool Lake and Highway 360.
  • 75054 – A southwestern neighborhood along SW 3rd St west of Highway 360.

Nearby Cities With Shared Zip Codes

Some zip codes spill over between Grand Prairie and neighboring cities:

  • 75050 – Also used in Arlington for neighborhoods like Dalworthington Gardens.
  • 75052 – Overlaps with Dallas southeast of Loop 12.

So Grand Prairie shares boundaries and zip codes with bordering communities.

Grand Prairie TX Zip Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common zip code questions:

What’s Grand Prairie’s main zip code?

The central Grand Prairie area uses 75050.

Which Grand Prairie zip code is 75054?

75054 belongs to the SW 3rd St district bordering Arlington’s 76010.

Does 75052 include both Dallas and Grand Prairie neighborhoods?

Yes, 75052 overlaps between Dallas southeast and Grand Prairie’s east boundary.

So while multiple codes service Grand Prairie, 75050, 75051, and 75052 cover wide central areas with overlap into Dallas and Arlington locally. Checking zip codes can indicate whether a location falls just within Grand Prairie or a neighboring city.

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