Avon IN Zip Code

Avon IN Zip Code

Avon is an affluent, fast-growing town situated just west of Indianapolis in central Indiana’s Hendricks County. Founded in 1995, Avon boasts a population around 17,000 as of 2020 Census figures.

From its family-friendly neighborhoods and highly-ranked schools to its mix of corporations and retail, there’s a lot happening across Avon’s 20 or so square miles. Getting a handle on the different zip codes and areas within the town provides helpful perspective.

In this guide, we’ll tour key zip codes, neighborhoods, landmarks and attributes that define modern day Avon. Understanding the codes gives insight into economic, lifestyle and demographic factors shaping this Indianapolis metro suburb.

So let’s unzip Avon!

Overview of Avon Zip Codes

As a mid-sized but quickly growing suburb, Avon utilizes a handful of primary zip codes:

46123 – Downtown/eastern Avon including older Town Center area

46168 – Central Avon covering Avon Commons retail plus neighborhoods like Washington Township

46219 – Far western Avon zip code along Ronald Reagan Parkway corridor

46122 – Shared with Plainfield covering neighborhoods like Country Club South

So while not a huge number of core codes, you get a sense for how Avon expanded westward over the years necessitating new zip codes. 46123 reflects the early town center while 46219 captures new developments farther out.

Now let’s profile a few notable zip codes and areas within Avon:

Avon IN Zip Code

Zip Code 46123 – Historic Downtown Avon

The 46123 zip code belongs to eastern Avon centered along busy US Highway 36 corridor. This area encompasses the historic downtown of the town.

Within 46123 you’ll find landmarks like:

  • Hendricks County Museum: Showcases local history exhibits plus special events and programs
  • Washington Township Park: Baseball fields, trails, indoor event center and outdoor festivals
  • Avon Outdoor Entertainment: Music venue hosting national touring concerts and entertainment
  • Hendricks Regional Health: Major medical center campus and leading employer

Residential neighborhoods situated within 46123 boundaries include:

  • Avon Isle – One of the earliest neighborhoods with windy streets and wooded lots
  • Coventry South – Higher end homes built from 1990s onwards
  • Stone Hill – Golf course community with custom estate homes

So the vibe of 46123 feels rooted in local history with its museum and traditional downtown. But modern subdivisions plus large hospitals and corporations also steadily redeveloped the area.

If looking for real estate here, expect higher prices but great access to Indianapolis and amenities.

Avon IN Zip Code

Zip Code 46168 – Retail Corridors

Head west of downtown Avon into the 46168 zip code and you’ll instantly note the abundance of shopping, dining and big box retailers.

46168 covers the commercial corridors hosting districts like:

Avon Commons – Open-air shopping center with major department stores like Von Maur, specialty boutiques, restaurants and IMAX cinema.

Ronald Reagan Parkway – Stretch of US 36 highway packed with auto dealerships, chain restaurants and services drawing from all over the metro area.

Additionally, 46168 contains family oriented neighborhoods such as:

  • Avon Trails – Large planned community built out over past 20 years
  • Washington Township – Mix of residential areas plus access to schools and parks

So zip code 46168 clearly caters more to convenience retail and modern suburbs rather than historic downtown character. Homes here sell quicker and prices run higher thanks to desirability. But the trade-off is more traffic and commercialization in the area versus other zones.

Still, for newcomers to Avon, the easy Interstate access, plentiful shopping/dining and community amenities like trails make 46168 highly popular, especially for younger couples.

Zip Code 46219 – Far Western Avon

Keep heading west from Avon Town Center across US 36 and you eventually reach 46219 – the zip code capturing modern day developments in far western Avon.

This area remains an emerging extension of the suburb so 46219 feels more sparse and rural. But continued expansion of residential communities plus key anchor destinations still make it enticing.

Some highlights of zip code 46219 include:

Hendricks Commercial Properties – Business park home to major employers like Archway Metal Systems

Sycamore Flats & Arbours at Sycamore – Latest new construction neighborhoods from leading homebuilder

White Oak Golf Course – Public 27-hole course open since 1989

So while 46219 covers open areas awaiting additional growth, demand for homes and amenities out west keeps the zip code Gradually building out. Homebuyers here tend to be second move-up buyers trading older Avon homes for large new construction models.

Schools and parks continue developing to match residential base expansion as well so 46219 seems well-positioned to fill in over next 10-20 years.

Avon Demographic Insights by Zip Code

Analyzing a few key demographic and lifestyle data points at the zip code level sheds some light on Avon’s makeup:

Average Age

  • 46123 – 39 years old
  • 46168 – 36 years old
  • 46219 – 40 years old

So Avon’s central corridor along 46168 skews slightly younger on average while outer lying areas match town-wide average age.

Median Household Income

  • 46123 – $77,700
  • 46168 – $102,00
  • 46219 – $96,500

Household earnings pace higher in the commercial corridor 46168 zip code thanks to proximity of executive jobs. But all zones show affluence.

Home Values

  • 46123 – $235,000
  • 46168 – $301,000
  • 46219 – $324,000

So you see a premium as you move further west from Avon’s original town center into newer neighborhoods. Home values climb 25-38% higher in western zones.

Education Levels

  • 46123 – 60% college graduates
  • 46168 – 71% college graduates
  • 46219 – 68% college graduates

Educational attainment remains high across all three zip codes but again hits its peak in central Avon. Proximity to corporations and frequently transferred relocating employees likely factors.

So in summary, middle zip code 46168 clearly emerges as an apex for income, home values and other key indicators – affirming its draw for transferees. Yet standards stay well above average in all zones.

Avon Neighborhood Snapshots

To complete perspective on Avon zip codes also requires glimpsing key neighborhoods that comprise each area:

Avon Isle – One of Avon’s first planned neighborhoods from the early 1990s features wooded lots, parks and pool. Located in 46123 zip code.

Covington – Modern middle-class community built in 2000s with similar amenities to Avon Isle. Located in 46123.

Washington Township – Mix of custom-built homes, some apartment complexes and retail/business parks in 46168.

Country Club South – Upscale homes neighboring prestigious golf course. Shared between 46123 and 46168.

Avon Trails – Large family-sized homes built over last 20 years continuing expansion west. Located in 46168.

Sycamore Flats – Newer neighborhood of large single-family homes priced from mid $300s and up. In 46219.

So Avon offers range from long-established neighborhoods in 46123 to newest construction found in 46219 zip as the town grows outward over the decades. But expect homeowner associations, kids activities and an overall family focus across all key zones.

Avon Real Estate Insights

Analyzing recent sales data for homes in Avon also provides helpful perspective across the three primary zip codes:

46123 Avon East Real Estate

  • Sold Homes Past Year – 148
  • Median Sold Price – $250,000
  • Avg Days on Market – 10

46168 Avon Central Real Estate

  • Sold Homes Past Year – 243
  • Median Sold Price – $415,000
  • Avg Days on Market – 7

46219 Avon West Real Estate

  • Sold Homes Past Year – 179
  • Median Sold Price – $527,000
  • Avg Days on Market – 14

So the numbers affirm value premiums in western zip codes of Avon (46219) plus extreme demand that allows homes to sell faster than they can even be appraised in some cases!

Demographics clearly point to family buyers recognizing Avon’s advantages and still willing to pay more for preferred zip codes despite rising rates and macro uncertainty. Inventory constraints then intensify competition neighborhood by neighborhood.

Yet opportunities still exist in each area pending needs – whether ideal schools, budget, commuting practicality or amenities. This demand seems likely to sustain given Avon’s strengths as the Indianapolis metro continues growing steadily overall.

Finding Your Avon Area by Zip Code

So when navigating Avon for home shopping, relocating or visiting purposes, cross-referencing neighborhood names or key landmarks against zip codes helps narrow location specifics:

46123 – Downtown Avon, Avon Isle, Town Center, Coventry South, Hospital Campus

46168 – Avon Commons, Washington Township, Country Club South, Avon Trails

46219 – Sycamore Flats, Arbours at Sycamore, White Oak Golf Club

This zip code map shows the three primary zones with 46123 in red covering eastern Avon, 46168 in blue central and 46219 in gold out west.

So consult the map to pinpoint which zone key landmarks, neighborhoods or addresses fall under.

And if still not sure, sites like Google Maps or Zillow allow looking up exact addresses then cross-referencing assigned zip codes against the zone colors above. Handy when verifying if a specific home for sale lies in preferred school boundaries or confirming if a business store location sits in 46168’s commercial corridor.

Key Takeaways on Avon, Indiana Zip Codes

In case helpful as reference, here are some key facts and insights to recap about Avon zip codes:

  • Four core codes serve neighborhoods in the town: 46123, 46168, 46219 and 46122
  • 46123 marks Avon’s historic downtown and early eastern neighborhoods
  • 46168 represents the booming retail corridors and suburban communities along US 36
  • 46219 captures growing neighborhoods and developments pushing west
  • Real estate values and incomes pace highest in western zip codes
  • All areas maintain family-friendly appeal emphasizing schools and amenities
  • Avon’s location and amenities sustain demand despite rising rates/recession worries

So in summary, unlocked zip codes reveal not only where exactly places exist physically in Avon but also the cultural narratives and trends shaping each zone – invaluable perspective when planting roots in or exploring this thriving Indy suburb.

Avon Neighborhood Spotlight: Washington Township

To showcase the distinct neighborhood identities within Avon zip codes, let’s spotlight Washington Township – located centrally along US 36 within 46168:


The Washington Township area has roots dating back to Avon’s founding in unincorporated farmlands. But major residential growth kicked off in the early 2000s as rising land valuers began attracting developers seeking affordable sites to build.

Existing infrastructure assets like highways plus available land accelerated build-out into the family friendly community seen today. Now, Washington Township exists as the actual neighborhood namesake located within the formal Washington Township boundaries.

Names get confusing! But the net result is pleasant suburban living.


Modern homes, condos and apartments now occupy a sizable residential zone loaded with amenities:

  • Neighborhood parks, pools, playgrounds and trails
  • Quick highway access easing commutes
  • Walking distance to retail/dining at Avon Commons
  • Top-ranked schools in Avon district system
  • Community events and kids activities

So Washington Township distills the Avon lifestyle into a quintessential suburban package made possible by intentional development efforts leveraging location just outside Indianapolis.

Real Estate

Given high demand plus constrained supply, Washington Township home values appreciate faster than Avon-wide averages:

  • 10% home value growth past year versus 7% town-wide
  • Just 6 days average on market for sales
  • New constructions sells from $400s to over $700k

So buyers flock to Washington Township for its family features plus increasingly prestigious Address communicating elevated social status among Indy suburbs. And many locals still discover they can land good homes for under list prices even in this market by negotiating hard.

Quiet tree-lined streets near big box stores and quick highway access – Washington Township represents an ideal snapshot of life found in one appealing Avon neighborhood. Now multiply across Avon’s other zip codes for true perspective on this special Indy suburb.

The codes here tell stories beyond geography to explain the emergence of a coveted place to take root.

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