Beverly Hills Area Code

Beverly Hills Area Code

When one pictures Beverly Hills, scenes of Rodeo Drive glamor and movie star opulence likely come to mind before the technical details of infrastructure like telephone area codes. Yet to connect calls to this famed Southern California enclave lying northwest of the Los Angeles city center, an area code still represents a key routing identifier to make networks process and send your dialed digits properly.

So among the glitzy boutiques and celebrity haunts found across its 6 flat landscaped square miles, what area code aligns to properties located within Beverly Hills? Read on to uncover more background around the functionality of area codes before revealing the digits corresponding to phones and addresses located in the iconic 90210.

How Area Codes Link Geography to Telephone Networks

To understand how Beverly Hills matches to an area code, we must first explore the history of assigning telephone prefixes by location to route connections efficiently across complex infrastructure originally built out by Ma Bell telephone companies decades ago:

1940s – As phone demand booms after WWII, outdated telephone exchange naming proves insufficient, leading Bell Labs to propose a numeric system instead to indicate regions.

1947 – The Bell System implements the first area codes, with some early examples being 213 around Los Angeles and 212 across Manhattan.

1990s – Rapid population growth means more area codes spin off in locations like NYC and CA as available assignable phone numbers using original codes deplete.

2000s – Overlay area codes co-exist for the same regions as additional capacity gets introduced, like the 646 code stacking over the 212 area of New York.

This brings us to today’s environment where area codes enable PSTN and cellular networks to direct call traffic to destinations across ever-evolving complex infrastructure built off the early Bell System telephone exchange beginning.

Next let’s hone in on the Beverly Hills area code specifically…

Beverly Hills Area Code

Pinpointing the Area Code for Beverly Hills, CA: 310

Given Los Angeles telephone exchange histories going back to the early 20th century, Beverly Hills fell under the 213 area code when codes were first assigned to Southern California in 1947. However, decades later additional area codes subdivided regions further.

So today, the area code serving Beverly Hills is 310 – having split off in 1991 when the 213 region needed additional capacity and new prefixes were introduced across Los Angeles County.

The 310 area serves not only Beverly Hills proper, but also nearby cities like Santa Monica, Malibu, West Hollywood, as well as portions of western LA neighborhoods. Any California phone number beginning with 310 sits among these domains out towards the Pacific Coast.

Now that we’ve uncovered the area code, let’s glimpse some more context around Beverly Hills itself relative to Los Angeles…

Beverly Hills Area Code

More About the City of Beverly Hills, CA

Founded in 1914 on what was then known as Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas, the city of Beverly Hills cultivated itself around opulence, luxury retail, and the emerging West Coast entertainment industry anchored in Hollywood:

  • Home to Almost 35,000 Residents
  • World Famous Shopping Along Rodeo Drive
  • Headquarters for Creative Talent Agencies
  • Adjacent to West Hollywood & Bel Air Enclaves

With its gardens and Greystone Mansion State Park preserving history amidst exclusive estates, Beverly Hills carries global fame – while the 310 area code routes connections to this iconic SoCal locale.

Let’s now explore some frequently asked questions surround the 310 area configuration supporting Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Area Code

FAQs About 310 Area Code for Beverly Hills

Here are answers to some common questions that arise around the 310 area code underlying Beverly Hills phone infrastructure and networks:

When did Beverly Hills transition from 213 area code phone numbers to 310?

Beverly Hills exchanged 213 for 310 back in 1991 when area code overlays began across Los Angeles County to add additional assignable number capacity for growth.

Do all phone numbers across Beverly Hills use the 310 area code?

Yes, whether cell phones or landlines, 310 is used for all exchanges routing calls to destination addresses located in Beverly Hills proper. Border areas however sometimes diverge.

Are there any 90210 zip codes not covered under the 310 area?

While pop culture assumes 90210 always links to Beverly Hills, portions of other communities like Hollywood Hills West can also share this zip code while using the central Los Angeles 213 area code instead of 310.

How can I confirm if a 310 phone number links specifically to Beverly Hills?

Online reverse phone lookup tools will provide available location information on owners and addresses associated with any 10-digit 310 numbers to showcase which town they may be registered and utilized in.

So in closing, from historic mansions to world-class shopping, Beverly Hills maintains its own distinct flair and 818 area code telephone prefix across elite streets found nowhere else in LA and perhaps the entire world over. This helps networks connect calls to this singular destination renowned for luxury across the globe.

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