Where is Area Code 626

Where is Area Code 626

When calling different cities and regions across the United States, you may notice a range of area codes used as the first 3 digits of 10-digit phone numbers. From 501 in Arkansas to 907 in Alaska, area codes help route calls to specific geographic hubs and switches across each state.

But when it comes to area code 626, do you know which region of the country this prefix corresponds to?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the origins of area codes and then focus on revealing exactly where 626 falls within the national telephone numbering plan.

A Brief History of Area Codes

Before digging into the location details around 626, let’s revisit how area codes came to exist for telephone infrastructure within the United States:

1940s – As telephone subscription explodes across American cities after WWII, more phone numbers are needed, straining outdated switching systems which routed based on telephone exchange names.

1947 – Bell Labs proposes a numbering plan to designate regional zones across the country from 0 to 9. This evolves into the area code system.

1960 – The first area codes are activated in regions like 212 across New York and 415 over San Francisco as all phone numbers transition to new formats.

1990s – Rapid population growth means more area codes are continually added, along with overlays like 310 over the 213 region around Los Angeles.

This brings us current to the now ubiquitous three-digit prefixes before every phone number that indicate geographic assignments for call routing purposes.

Next let’s uncover where exactly area code 626 falls within this national area code mapping.

Where is Area Code 626

Pinpointing the Region for Area Code 626

Given there are now over 350 assigned area codes across all 50 states, 626 has ended up aligning to a very specific region within Southern California.

State Location: Area code 626 falls within the state of California

County Location: It is assigned to regions primarily within Los Angeles County

City Location: The area code centers around cities like Pasadena and covers others such as Glendora, Azusa, and Arcadia

So in summary, area code 626 corresponds to the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County in southern California.

Below we’ll explore more details around which major cities and landmarks found within this valley region now utilize the 626 area code.

Cities and Regions Now Using Area Code 626

When area code 626 officially activated in 1999, it was an overlay above the pre-existing 818 area code around Pasadena to provide more assignable phone numbers as rapid population growth continued across Los Angeles suburbs.

As a result, many cities in the San Gabriel Valley along the foothills northeast of central Los Angeles now share the 626 area code, including these notable examples:


  • Old Town Pasadena
  • Rose Bowl Stadium
  • California Institute of Technology
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


  • Rubel Castle Monument
  • California Citrus State Historic Park
  • Glen Oak Canyon Reserve



  • Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden
  • Santa Anita Park Racetrack
  • Westfield Santa Anita Mall

So in summary, if you receive a call from phone number starting with 626, you’ll know it’s originating somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley region of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Next let’s explore some frequently asked questions surrounding the 626 area code.

Where is Area Code 626

FAQs About Area Code 626

Here are answers to some common questions that arise around area code 626 assignments and boundaries:

What cities does area code 626 cover?

626 spans across cities like Pasadena, Glendora, Azusa, Monrovia, Arcadia, and Sierra Madre within Los Angeles county’s San Gabriel Valley.

When was area code 626 first introduced?

Area code 626 officially activated as an overlay in June 1999 to provide new phone numbers to expanding eastern suburbs of Los Angeles.

Why was 626 needed if cities like Pasadena already had the 818 area code?

Populations grew rapidly enough in the 1990s that existing 818 numbers were forecast to run out within years for the region, necessitating the introduction of 626.

Can a 626 phone number be located outside the San Gabriel Valley?

For the most part 626 corresponds geographically just to cities in that specific valley. However cell phones may allow 626 numbers to roam elsewhere.

How can I validate what region a 626 phone number is registered in?

Online tools exist that can perform a reverse phone number lookup when you enter any 10-digit number starting with 626. This searches available location data associated with that number.

We hope this guide has helped elucidate exactly which region of California now utilizes area code 626 for its telephone infrastructure! Let us know if you have any other area code questions.

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