Fort Carson Zip Code

Fort Carson Zip Code

As one of the United States Army’s most iconic installations, Fort Carson plays a pivotal role in housing and training thousands of soldiers. The post is situated just outside Colorado Springs, positioned near the base of the Rocky Mountains.

This critical geography means Fort Carson actually spans across multiple zip codes – including its main designation of 80913.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the origins of zip codes before exploring exactly which zip code aligns to boundaries within Fort Carson and the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs.

The Inception of Zip Codes

To set the context around Fort Carson’s zip code, let’s first rewind to the inception of zip codes across America:

1940s – As suburbs swell across the U.S. after WWII, outdated postal routing systems cause logjams unable to handle growing mail volumes. This spurs reform.

1963 – Robert Moon devises the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) to streamline processing. This assigns numbered codes to each region of the country.

1983 – More advanced ZIP+4 codes are adopted requiring specificity down to delivery points on given routes and streets.

2000s – Online verification systems integrate zip code data for identity checks and mapping visualizations.

This brings us to the now universal five digit numerical codes prefixed to every address that allow efficient mail sorting and delivery coordination nation-wide based on location.

Next let’s reveal the zip specifically belonging to Fort Carson Army boundaries.

Fort Carson Zip Code

The Fort Carson Zip Code: 80913

As a sprawling military base covering 137,000 acres and housing over 25,000 personnel, Fort Carson is designated postal zip code 80913 by the United States Postal Service.

This allows all mail and deliveries destined for units, headquarters, family housing sectors, training facilities and range complexes on base to be sorted and routed through dedicated USPS processing linked specifically to zip 80913.

Adjacent neighborhoods and shopping/dining complexes just outside Fort Carson gates connecting to Colorado Springs also share the 80913 zip code.

So whether you are mailing a care package to a service member on base, or need an address for off-post military housing, 80913 aligns to Fort Carson’s boundaries.

Next we’ll explore more details on regions covered by the Fort Carson zip.

Fort Carson Zip Code

What Landmarks are Covered by Zip 80913?

Because Fort Carson operates almost as a self-contained city, zip code 80913 overlaps core facilities essential to base operations, including:

  • The iconic Founder’s Plaza with memorial statues
  • Major headquarters like The Mountain Post Soldier Center
  • Evans Army Community Hospital
  • Patriot housing villages spread across over 6,000 homes
  • Firing ranges and training complexes

In addition, 80913 crosses into housing areas and strip malls just outside the base perimeter along Colorado Springs districts like Pikes Peak Park.

So Fort Carson truly dominates the majority of areas designated as 80913.

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions about its zip next.

Fort Carson Zip Code

FAQs About The Fort Carson Zip Code:

Here are answers to some common questions that arise concerning Fort Carson’s 80913 zip code:

Does all mail for Fort Carson use zip code 80913?

Yes, 80913 is the primary zip code handling all mail routing to Fort Carson facilities, housing areas, headquarters buildings, and soldier P.O. Boxes located on base.

When was zip code 80913 first assigned to Fort Carson?

80913 has likely been assigned since 1963 when initial zip code allocations were rolled out by Robert Moon across America based on USPS regions.

What other Colorado zip codes are nearby 80913?

As one of Colorado Springs main zip codes, 80913 borders other codes like 80903 downtown and 80920 covering Peterson Space Force Base to the east.

Can civilian homes near Fort Carson also use the 80913 zip?

Yes, neighborhoods and businesses adjacent to Fort Carson often are designated 80913, even if outside strict on-base boundaries. New developing communities may also take the 80913 zip.

How could I validate if an address uses the Fort Carson zip 80913?

You can consult USPS online tools to input any street address and instantly see the officially aligned zip code, confirming if 80913 corresponds to that location.

In summary – Fort Carson dominates the span of zip code 80913 across its thousands of on-base acres as well as surrounding regions of Colorado Springs!

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