Area Code 724 Location

Area Code 724 Location

When making calls across different parts of the United States, the phone numbers we dial always start with a three-digit area code prefix. Area codes help route our calls to the proper location and central office exchanges to connect.

But when faced with less common area codes like 724, you may wonder – what state or metro region does that correspond to?

In this guide, we’ll uncover the history of area codes before spotlighting exactly which area of Pennsylvania area code 724 represents today.

The Origins of Area Codes in the US Telephone System

To provide context on the geographic numbering system area codes have become, let’s revisit the evolution of this three-digit prefix in phone infrastructure:

1940s – As post-war telephone subscription explodes, limitations of outdated phone exchange naming schemes hamper connections, prompting a numbering approach.

1947 – Bell System proposes a framework assigning area codes 0 to 9 across various regions of the United States to route calls more efficiently.

1960 – The first area code numbers come online, with 212 covering New York City and 415 aligning to California. Rollouts continue state-by-state.

1990s – Rapid population growth means more area codes continually need introduced, sometimes splitting existing areas into multiple codes.

This brings us to today’s era where every domestic phone number bears an area code indicating its regional assignment – including the 724 code we will spotlight next.

Area Code 724 Location

Spotlighting the Geographic Area for Area Code 724

Assigned area codes now exist for regions across all 50 states, from the 907 code for Alaska down to the newest 681 designation in West Virginia.

So where does 724 fall within this national mapping?

State Location: Area code 724 corresponds to western portions of Pennsylvania

Major Cities: It includes cities such as New Castle, Beaver Falls and Johnstown

Surrounding Codes: Bordering zones include 814 to the north and 412/878 around Pittsburgh

In summary – area code 724 represents a northwestern region of Pennsylvania anchored by the intersections of counties like Lawrence, Beaver, Butler and Mercer.

Next, let’s explore some of the defining cities and characteristics within Pennsylvania’s 724 jurisdiction.

Area Code 724 Location

The Character of Pennsylvania’s 724 Area Code

When area code 724 was introduced in 1998, it was carefully overlaid on top of existing numbering plans to handle growing demand for new telephone customers in this rust belt region of Pennsylvania.

As a result, the 724 area code today corresponds to cities, landmarks and institutions such as:

New Castle

  • Cascade Park
  • Croton Aqueduct remains
  • Pennsylvania State University branch


  • Johnstown Flood National Memorial
  • Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
  • University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Beaver Falls

  • Geneva College
  • Beaver Falls Amtrak Station
  • Beaver County Humane Society

So the region represented by 724 holds a wealth of history as a crossroads of western Pennsylvania counties that experienced immense growth during the industrial revolution.

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions about the 724 area code next.

Area Code 724 Location

FAQs About Area Code 724

Here are answers to some common questions that arise around the 724 area code:

What cities and towns are covered under the 724 area code?

724 extends across parts of counties like Butler, Beaver, Mercer and Lawrence – serving cities such as New Castle, Beaver Falls, Johnstown, Hermitage, Sharon and Ellwood City.

What was the area code before 724?

Prior to 1998, most towns now under 724 used area code 412 or zone 814 before rapid expansion necessitated a new code.

Are there geographic limits confining 724 just to Pennsylvania’s northwest?

Unlike a cell phone number, geographic landline numbers starting with 724 correspond to addresses exclusively in its designated region barring special exceptions.

Why does Pennsylvania need so many area code overlays?

With a long history and dense urban centers like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has needed many new area code regions created over decades as populations migrate across the state.

How can I validate a number actually originates in the 724 region?

Online reverse phone lookup tools allow you to enter any 10-digit phone number and showcase the corresponding geographic area it relates to based on available data records.

In summary – while area code 724 now delivers calls to phone lines across parts of western Pennsylvania, it originated from the need to handle expanded growth and telephone access. Check any number starting with 724 to validate its regional source!

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