Paterson NJ Zip Code

Paterson NJ Zip Code

As New Jersey’s third largest city, Paterson is home to over 145,000 residents across several distinct neighborhoods. With a history tracing back over 225 years, Paterson has continued to grow and evolve over time.

This has led to a variety of different zip codes being designated across Paterson to support efficient mail delivery and distribution as new housing developments have emerged.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore all the active zip codes currently in use throughout the city of Paterson:

The Origins of Zip Codes

Before we dive specifically into Paterson’s zip code map, let’s briefly revisit the origins of the modern zip code system we rely on today:

1963 – Zip codes were first introduced with the primary goal of streamlining the route planning and sorting efficiency of mail processed by the United States Postal Service. This helped accelerate delivery times as cities grew larger and more complex.

1983 – The transition was made to require every address to include a unique five-digit code that pinpointed smaller geographic areas for higher accuracy in mail routing.

2000s – With the rise of online mapping tools and databases, zip codes became integrated into address validation practices for businesses.

Today zip codes play an integral role not only in supporting USPS operations but verifying identities and locations. Next we’ll explore how they fit specifically into addresses across the city of Paterson.

Paterson NJ Zip Code

Overview of Paterson Area Zip Codes

As a larger city encompassing 29 square miles of land, Paterson is assigned zip codes corresponding to core districts as well as surrounding neighborhoods that have been annexed over time.

Here is a brief overview of the active zip codes linked to areas within Paterson city limits along with bordering suburbs:

  • 07501 – Downtown Paterson
  • 07502 – Northside and Rivercrest areas
  • 07503 – South Paterson and parts of Clifton city
  • 07504 – Northwest neighborhoods
  • 07501 – Repeated code for core downtown district
  • 07508 – Totowa borough lying west of Paterson

This covers the predominant zip codes tied to properties found within Paterson boundaries. However there are also a few additional outlying codes creeping into border neighborhoods, which we’ll get into more below.

First let’s explore Paterson’s major zip code areas in closer detail.

Details of Main Paterson Zip Code Areas

As we’ve outlined, there are a handful of primary zip codes assigned to Paterson districts and neighborhoods:

Zip Code 07501

This zip encompasses downtown Paterson, focused around City Hall and the landmark Great Falls National Historical Park. Areas included in this zone are:

  • Central Business District
  • South Paterson
  • Little Lima Historic District

As the core administrative hub of Paterson, it makes sense 07501 would be repeated. This allows it to cover both governmental and historical areas in the heart of the city.

Paterson NJ Zip Code

Zip Code 07502

Found north of downtown, this district serves the bewildering number of neighborhoods clustered along the Passaic River. Specific areas include:

With its proximity to the Great Falls of the Passaic River and large number of preserved historical mansions, 07502 includes some of Paterson’s most prized locations.

Zip Code 07503

Streching across south-central parts of Paterson, 07503 encompasses the neighborhoods of:

  • South Paterson
  • Eastside
  • Hillcrest
  • Riverbank Park

It also crosses over the border into sections of neighboring Clifton city, including the Lexington Avenue area.

Paterson NJ Zip Code

Zip Code 07504

This northwest region zip code covers the outlying neighborhoods of:

  • Lakeview
  • People’s Park
  • Preakness Valley
  • Hillcrest

As this area features parks, golf courses, and Paterson’s Garret Mountain Reservation, 07504 includes some of the city’s most scenic landscapes.

This summarizes the core set of zip codes and their aligned neighborhoods used by residences and businesses within Paterson.

Other Nearby Zip Codes

In addition to the primary codes above, you may notice a few other zip codes creeping into border areas of Paterson:

  • 07424 – Creeping down from Wayne, New Jersey
  • 07508 – Belonging to adjoining Totowa borough
  • 07522 – Linked to Woodland Park city

Properties on the fringes of Paterson limits may end up with one of these nearby suburban zip codes instead of official city codes.

But the vast majority of Paterson addresses will include one of the core “0750X” codes outlined earlier.

Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions about local zip code assignments.

FAQs About Paterson, New Jersey Zip Codes

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about zip code borders in Paterson:

How many zip codes are there in Paterson?

There are five primary zip codes fully contained within Paterson’s city boundaries – 07501, 07502, 07503, 07504, and 07505.

What’s the main Paterson NJ zip code?

07501 is the central zip code used for downtown Paterson where City Hall and other municipal services are located.

Do Paterson neighborhoods each have their own zip code?

In most cases yes, as the city is divided into Northside, South Paterson, Eastside, Hillcrest and many other districts – each aligned to one of the core five zip codes.

Why does parts of Clifton NJ share a Paterson zip code?

Though mainly situated in Passaic County, sections of Clifton directly bordering Paterson fell under zip code 07503 when boundaries were laid out.

What causes a suburban zip code like 07508 for Totowa to be present?

As housing developments expand outward from cities, they sometimes crossed borders with new addresses retaining their original suburb zip code.

How can I confirm the zip code for a Paterson address?

The USPS offers a handy zip code lookup tool where you can enter any address and see the officially assigned zip code displayed.

We hope this detailed guide provides clarity on the patchwork of zip codes in use across Paterson. Let us know if you have any other local questions!

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