Bloomington MN Zip Code

Bloomington MN Zip Code

As the fifth largest city in Minnesota, Bloomington is home to over 85,000 residents. Located directly south of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, it serves as a bustling suburb with numerous commercial districts spread across residential neighborhoods.

This variety has led Bloomington to be assigned more than a dozen different zip codes by the United State Postal Service (USPS) over the years. Read on to learn what each distinct zip code aligns to within the city!

A Brief History of Zip Codes

Before diving into the specifics of local zip codes, let’s revisit the origins of the zip code system in the United States:

1940s – As cities grew and mail volumes increased after WWII, outdated postal routing systems cause significant delays and inefficiencies. This prompts reform.

1963 – Robert Moon proposes the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) which assigns numbered prefixes to each region of the country. This streamlines processing as automation ramps up.

1983 – The ZIP+4 extension is introduced requiring more precise delivery point codes down to the city block and rural route. Accuracy becomes pivotal.

2000s – Commercial address verification systems integrate zip code data for identity verification and fraud prevention purposes during transactions.

Today zip codes play integral roles not just for postal infrastructure but also security and compliance across private and public sectors. Next we’ll see how this applies specifically to Bloomington Minnesota areas.

Bloomington MN Zip Code

Overview of Bloomington Zip Codes

As a large suburban city encompassing over 25 square miles, Bloomington contains many distinct neighborhoods and business corridors each assigned dedicated zip codes.

Here is a brief summary of active codes in use:

  • 55420 – Central Bloomington neighborhoods
  • 55425 – Eastern Bloomington zip code
  • 55431 – Southern Bloomington zip code
  • 55437 – West Bloomington neighborhoods
  • 55438 – Northwest Bloomington suburbs
  • 55439 – Southwest Bloomington suburbs

In addition, several adjacent suburban cities like Edina and Richfield also share zip codes that may overlap into certain Bloomington boundaries.

Now let’s explore the geography aligned with each area in more detail.

Details on Major Bloomington, MN Zip Code Areas

As highlighted, the city of Bloomington is divided into several primary zip code prefixes centered around commercial zones:

Zip Code 55420

55420 makes up the heart of Bloomington, serving as the zip code for landmarks like:

  • City Hall
  • Southtown Shopping Center
  • Normandale Community College
  • Hyland-Bush-Anderson Lakes Park Reserve

In addition to civic services, it covers many residential and natural areas central to the city’s identity.

Bloomington MN Zip Code

Zip Code 55425

Found on the eastern side of Bloomington, 55425 belongs to major retail destinations including:

  • Mall of America *IKEA
    *Water Park of America *Best Buy Corporate Campus

With the airport and busy I-494 intersecting near this district, it makes sense 55425 supports such large shopping hubs.

Zip Code 55431

ALIGNED to the Minnesota River valley southern region, 55431 contains:

  • Bloomington Ferry Bridge
  • Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
  • Bloomington Ice Garden Arena
  • Major warehouse and industrial zones

It covers more rural wooded stretches along the river not suitable for residential buildings.

Zip Code 55437

On the western side of the city, 55437 covers areas like:

  • West Bush Lake
  • Dred Scott Fields Recreation Center
  • Creekside Community Center
  • Numerous technology campus offices

This zone supports newer suburban growth neighborhoods filled with families.

Bloomington MN Zip Code

Zip Codes 55438 & 55439

Found near the intersections of major highways I-35W and I-494, these twin zip codes contain the suburb cities of:

  • Eden Prairie
  • Edina
  • Richfield

Housing developments near the southern borders of these cities may end up with a Bloomington zip code instead as boundaries are closely intermingled in these zones.

This summarizes the origins and alignments of the major zip code areas that make up zones in Bloomington. Next let’s look at commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bloomington Zip Codes

Here are answers to some top queries about zip code borders in and around Bloomington:

How many zip codes are in Bloomington, Minnesota?

There are at least six primary zip codes fully contained within the city limits of Bloomington, spanning from 55420 to 55439 in their numerical sequence.

What’s the main Bloomington zip code?

As the zip code serving City Hall and other downtown civic services, 55420 represents the core Bloomington zip code at the heart of the city.

Why does Mall of America use a Bloomington zip code?

Although massive in size, Mall of America is technically located within the pre-defined borders of Bloomington off I-494 – causing it to be designated 55425.

Can zip codes overlap between Bloomington and Minneapolis?

Zip code boundaries between different cities are almost never overlapping to avoid ambiguity in postal routing. Some suburban cities may share codes.

How can I verify the zip code for my Bloomington address?

The USPS offers an official zip code lookup tool that displays the corresponding code for any address entered across Bloomington and surrounding cities.

We hope this breakdown gives more clarity into Bloomington zip code assignments across different neighborhoods. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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