Chino Zip Code

Chino Zip Code

Welcome to your guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Chino’s zip codes! As a long-time resident and zip code enthusiast, I’m excited to take you on a journey into this underappreciated but fascinating slice of local identity.

We’ll cover what exactly a zip code IS, why they matter for things like property values and mailing accuracy, and most importantly – we’ll decrypt all the zip codes that belong to Chino and its surrounding communities.

Strap in and get ready to become a zip code expert by the end of this wild ride!

What Is a Zip Code, Anyway?

A zip code is a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1963. The codes help automate routing of mail and packages to local post offices around the country.

Here’s a quick zip code crash course before we dive into Chino‘s zips:

  • Zip codes usually correspond to geographic areas and neighborhoods
  • They consist of 5 numbers, like 91710
  • The first 3 numbers relate to wider regions and states, the next 2 zeros in on local postal zones
  • Places with lots of addresses may get a “+4” code with an extra 4 digits for even more precision

So in summary – zip codes help get mail where it needs to go locally. Pretty mundane, sure – but as we’ll uncover, they represent so much more.

chino zip code

Why Do Zip Codes Matter?

Besides just shipping mail and packages efficiently, it turns out zip codes are super useful for many reasons:

  • Real estate agencies track home and property values based on zip codes
  • Local governments use zip code data to plan infrastructure budgets or assistance programs
  • Businesses target marketing and openings to optimal zip codes
  • Even dating apps include zip codes to help match people by area

And the list goes on. Clearly, your zip code has a huge influence on day-to-day life!

The Fascinating History of Chino’s Zip Codes

Alright, time for the good stuff! Let’s peel back the origins of zip codes in the Chino area:

Birth of a New City

Chino as we know it today was settled back in the early 1800s. But things really shaped up in 1910 when the local ranchers decided to incorporate into an official city named Chino.

Flash forward a few decades, and the postmaster requested a postal zone for the growing Chino locale in 1947 – kicking off the history of this city and zip codes!

chino zip code

5 Digital Identifiers Emerge

Finally in the 1960s, the USPS rolled out their newfangled zip code system nationwide – including 5 key zip codes assigned to Chino:

  • 91710 – The central Chino zip code
  • 91708 – Located northwest by Carbon Canyon
  • 91709 – Assigned to areas south near Ayala Park
  • 91789 – Belonging to the county island of Los Serranos
  • 91752 – Allocated later to annexed housing southeast of town

Chino officially had its unique postal identities! Many locals still live and breathe those 5 core zip codes today.

Diving Deep on 91710 – Heart of Chino

Alright, no zip code blog post would be complete without zooming in on 91710 – the central Chino zip that a huge portion of the city falls under.

Let’s check out some awesome facts about 91710:

By the Numbers

  • 40,000+ residents live under the 91710 designation
  • It spans nearly 14 square miles of land area
  • 91710 contains key landmarks like Prado Regional Park, Chino Municipal Airport, Chino Valley Medical Center, and Chino Champion newspaper
  • Not surprisingly, most of the original 1910 settler streets and neighborhoods compose 91710

Clearly the heritage and soul of Chino.

chino zip code

Housing Snapshot

91710 features a nice mix of classic and modern Chino housing:

  • Post-war suburban neighborhoods near the southern half
  • Newer master-planned developments throughout with HOAs
  • Mainly single-family homes averaging 2,000 square feet
  • Mix of 1 and 2 story floorplans, some MODEL_KEYcolonial, MODEL_KEYranch, and MODEL_KEYMediterranean styles
  • VALUES typically high $400s to mid $600s

So in summary – 91710 offers those iconic suburban Chino communities that define living in this great city!

Lifestyle Perks

And let’s not forget the amazing park, shopping, dining, and recreation also centrally located in 91710 for residents:

  • Chino Champion Park with sports fields, skate park, and recreation center
  • Shopping galore at Chino Spectrum Towne Center and Preserve Marketplace
  • Prime airport access being so close to Chino Airport
  • Nearby golf courses, trails, and open spaces in Prado Park
  • Tons of dining variety along key arteries like Grand Ave, Pipeline Ave, and Central Ave

So fun stuff everywhere you look!

Clearly 91710 lays stake to the best Chino has to offer for housing, attractions, and quality of life.

The Complete Reference: All Chino Area Zip Codes

Let’s wrap up with the complete zip code list and map for Chino, Chino Hills, and nearby county pockets.

Study this and become THE local zip code guru to impress friends:

Primary City Zips


  • 91710
  • 91708
  • 91709
  • 91789 (Los Serranos)
  • 91752

Chino Hills

  • 91709
  • 91752
  • 92887

Montclair – 91763

Ontario – 91761, 91762

Upland – 91784, 91786

Rancho Cucamonga – 91701, 91730

Fontana – 92335, 92336

Unincorporated Islands

El Prado County Island – 91710
Los Serranos County Island – 91789
East Chino County Island – 91710

Neighborhoods by Zip

And finally, some notable neighborhoods contained within each zip:

  • 91708 – Canyon Hills, Carbon Canyon, Sleepy Hollow
  • 91709 – Ayala Park, Butterfield Ranch, Los Olivos
  • 91710 – Downtown, Northwest Industrial, El Prado
  • 91752 – Country Club Villas, Chino Valley
  • 91763 – Brooks Landing, Monte Vista
  • 91789 – Los Serranos, Eucalyptus Hills

So there you have it folks – the complete guide to Chino area zip codes and neighborhoods! Let me know if you have any other zip code questions.

And whatever yourDigits1234 local Chino zip code – be proud of it! It represents years of rich history and development shaping our city into the thriving community it is today.

Chino Zip Codes FAQs

Got lingering questions about Chino or area zip codes? Check this quick FAQ list:

Q: How can I lookup/confirm the zip code for an address?

A: Easy! Just search on websites like which have zip code lookup tools. Enter any street address and the zip pops right up.

Q: Why do some housing tracts or malls have different zip codes?

A: Local regions and routes dictate zip code boundaries, which often get assigned before newer construction areas emerge. So some large recent developments got grouped differently.

Q: Are zip codes ever reassigned or changed?

A: Very rarely does the USPS undergo zip code reorganization. Maybe if population patterns shift enough over long periods. But generally they remain static once assigned.

Q: What about zip+4 codes? Do addresses in Chino have them?

A: Some do – especially older homes and businesses may display 4 extra digits at the end. But generally regular 5 digit zips suffice within Chino for USPS precision since it’s smaller.

Q: Which Chino zip code typically has higher property values?

A: Great question! Values can shift slightly year over year. But as a rule of thumb, 91708, 91709, and 91752 on the northside see premium home pricing given proximity to canyons and new construction.

Q: Does mail sometimes get misdelivered if street names are similar across different Chino zip codes?

A: Definitely! An issue in many cities. With streets sharing names but falling in different zip code zones, occasional mixups happen. Just let USPS know and they rectify it.

And there you have it – the most pressing FAQs answered about Chino regional zip codes!

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