Cherry Hill Zip Code

Cherry Hill Zip Code

Have you ever stumbled upon a mysterious letter with a Cherry Hill, NJ return address and found yourself baffled trying to identify its corresponding zip code? Does your friend reside in a Cherry Hill apt you can never properly mail things to because you’re clueless about the zip? Well friends, prepare to become zip code detectives…this wild journey will equip you to unlock ANY postal puzzle Cherry Hill throws your way!

We’ll explore what zip codes represent, the method behind Cherry Hill’s zip madness, fascinating ZIP FACTS tied to home values and communities, and MORE. The intrigue builds with each digit we unveil… Let’s crack this zip-a-licious case wide open!

ZIP 101: Why We Have Codes

Before scavenging Cherry Hill’s zipscape for clues, what do these 5 magical numbers mean anyway?

Simply put, a zip code refers to a designated mail area recognized by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Think of it like a unique digital fingerprint for various geographic zones.

Some fast zip code factoids to prep our investigation:

  • Typically 5 digits long (sometimes +4 additional digits)
  • Helps automate routing between postal facilities
  • Tied closely to regions, cities, municipalities
  • Indicates a collection delivery area or routes
  • Not based on political boundaries necessarily

Armed with that postal pep talk, let’s excavate those buried zip treasures of 08003 wait no…08034 hold up…AHHH too many numbers! ūü§Į Time to make sense of this mess.

Cherry Hill Zip Code

Understanding Cherry Hill’s Number Soup

As a sprawled out 22+ square mile township with various neighborhoods and pockets, Cherry Hill not surprisingly has quite a few zip codes carved out:

  • 08002
  • 08034
  • 08003
  • 08053

And the list rambles on nearly as long as trying to spell H-a-a-g-e-n-D-a-z-s Drive! ūüėā

With so many digits dotted across the map, let’s group them into rough geographic areas:

Central and East

The 08034 prefix appears clustered within central and eastern Cherry Hill:

  • Encompasses historic¬†Ellisburg Circle¬†triangle of neighborhoods
  • Includes 1980s built-up¬†Golden Triangle¬†region off Route 70 with retail/offices
  • Part of this zip also extends into¬†Erlton¬†neighborhood

Then continuing farther east is 08002 in Voorhees Township, adjacent to Cherry Hill near Ashland and Cooper River Park.

So central Cherry Hill and eastern communities fall under 08034 and 08002. Got that locked for our map’s legend!

Cherry Hill Zip Code

West and South

As we navigate west, 08003 emerges housing the western Merchantville side along Cropwell and Copewood neighborhoods – like the census-designated area mating Kings Highway with Route 38.

Drifting into southern Cherry Hill, we uncover 08053 hugging the 123 bypass plus Haddonfield-Berlin Road corridor hosting tidy residential patches like Dexterdale tucked behind stores/plazas.

And that completes our directional overview! Added 08003 and 08053 to complete Cherry Hill’s geographic zip breakdown. Feel free to fact check my work postal inspectors ūüėČ

Property Values Amidst the Zips

With our zip mapped out, what drives price fluctuations between these little regions? Can we ballpark home values just from the zip code alone? Let’s evaluate some indicators.

Based on online sales data, a few trends stick out:

  • West side’s 08003¬†commands high dollars with $700k+ new constructions
  • Central¬†08034¬†trails slightly behind at around $550k average
  • South side¬†08053¬†and¬†08002¬†dip lower into $400s median for modest colonials and twins

So western and central Cherry Hill clearly pull premium pricing, while southern ends and township borders see more affordable figures.

Besides geography, you’ll also spot micro-differences at the neighborhood level driving values up or down. But IN GENERAL this directional zip code value spectrum persists season after season. So arm yourself with it when home hunting or researching areas!

Cherry Hill Zip Code

The Heart and Soul of 08034

Alright, alright, I can see neighborhood rivalry brewing already from here. Yes west side – your mega mansions are marvelous. South side, your little capes have curb appeal for days.

But let’s face it – 08034 rules the Cherry Hill zip realm. Don’t hurt me cropwellians!

Here’s why central Cherry Hill’s main zip belongs on the township seal:

Offers Historic Charm

With the old Ellisburg Circle founding neighborhoods dating back centuries like Golden Triangle east, 08034 delivers legacy. Where else can you find stone foundations from the 1700s tucked beside ramblers from the 80s? Talk about range!

You also have the oozing greenery at Croft Farm sustaining colonial roots. And Cooper River’s postcard scenes winding through the center. The soul of the township endures all around 08034.

Boasts Top-Flight Retail

Shopping fanatics rejoice – 08034 offers unlimited retail therapy! Dive into the sprawling Cherry Hill Mall or freshen up at Garden State Pavilions. With chains and boutiques galore, plus every dining flavor under the sun, expect full weekends hopping plaza to plaza here.

Central Accessibility

08034 also centrally locates residents near key highways and arteries like 70, 38 and 295. Making commuting, airport runs, Philly trips, or shore excursions smooth sailing with minimal traffic fighting. Talk about convenience!

So clear winner for classic Cherry Hill lifestyle. Though again, I still see you side-eyeing me cropwell…ūüė†

In all seriousness, every zip brings something unique here. Now let’s get to the firey hot questions:

Cherry Hill Zip Code FAQs

Let’s rapid fire some fact checks on what REALLY matters most – incorrect zip code scandals!

Q: Do Cherry Hill neighborhoods ever share zip codes?

You bet! Take Farmhill Road for example. Half the blocks fall under 08003 while the other portion is 08034. Quirky but true zip-sharing across neighborhood lines happens thanks to winding delivery routes.

Q: How much do home prices change between zips?

Generally no more than $150-200k as you go far west or east. But hyper-local dynamics like schools, commercial zones, and builds cause wider gaps. Still, location location location rings truest overall.

Q: What about mailing errors from overlapping town names?

Definitely! With places like Delran and Voorhees bordering, mail can confusingly default to other towns. Always triple checking full street address and zip is key to prevent crossover postal mix-ups.

Q: Can residents request zip code changes from the post office?

Extremely difficult unless you rally the community and provide ironclad reasoning. And even then USPS rarely reassigns. So best to just embrace your zone rather than fighting city hall here!

Q: Do all addressing systems recognize zips like apps or GPS?

Sadly no. Many navigation tools rely on other geographic inputs first. And some local apps filter by municipality naming only. So zips slip through the cracks outside USPS. Pro tip: double entry both zone and city name when possible to maximize accuracy.

And with that final nugget of postal wisdom, I conclude my zip-tastic manifesto! Let me know any other Cherry Hill address mysteries that need solving!

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