White Plains Zip Code

White Plains Zip Code

Beyond simply a convenient hub for commuters and Westchester County commerce, White Plains rewards residents with a vibrant blend of urban walkability, culture, parks, and thriving neighborhoods tailored to an array of lifestyles. Within just 15 square miles, this New York economic center contains over 25 unique zip codes weaving city sophistication with cozy community spirit.

This deep dive will showcase some of White Plain’s choicest zip codes that each convey their own exclusive neighborhood stories. From the bustling city center to historic estates to luxury high rises, a richness beyond the business district unveils itself through White Plains’ neighborhoods.

We’ll focus on:

  • 10601 – Vibrant Downtown White Plains
  • 10603 – Wykagyl Country Club Area
  • 10605 – North Broadway & Battle Hill
  • 10606 – Eastview & Fisher Hill

Let’s discover the culture, dining, amenities and housing unique to these distinctive White Plains zip codes!

White Plains Zip Code

10601 – Vibrant Downtown White Plains

The vibrant walkable heart of the city, downtown White Plains centers around zip 10601 where urban lifestyle mixes seamlessly with Westchester warmth through:

  • Thriving restaurants, bars and retail lining Main Street, Mamaroneck Ave, Bank Street and Martine Ave across a sleek modern cityscape meets historic architecture rooted in the 19th century downtown revival.
  • Arts & Culture flow through jazz bars like 12 Grapes, the White Plains Performing Arts Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art hunkering down in the iconic Trump building tower.
  • Above the downtown bustle, luxury rentals soar over 25 stories atop malls and metro stations while refined co-ops start near $500,000 conveying privilege with convenience.

Sleek city living channeled through neighborhood niceties makes 10601 an A-list zip code.

White Plains Zip Code

10603 – Wykagyl Country Club Area

Northwest beyond downtown, zip 10603 unfolds across the prestigious Wykagyl Country Club grounds stirring legacy within an exclusive enclave flanked by sprawling parks in the leafy Kensico neighborhood:

  • Historic Wykagyl Country Club grounds exude privilege through its Donald Ross designed golf course dating back to the roaring 1920s. Homes surround this private oasis for members only where six exclusive North Street courts convey quiet clout with house pricing starting around $900,000.
  • Adjacent Gedney Park sprawls over 520 acres offering wooded trails beside the Kensico Reservoir while Delfino Park provides bocce and baseball fields.

Country club exclusivity neighboring expansive open parklands distinguish 10603’s lifestyle as quietly elite.

10605 – North Broadway & Battle Hill

Up towards the natural beauty of Chappaqua, 10605 blankets the historic Battle Hill vicinity offering a neighborly balance of quiet charm and convenience:

  • Battle Hill thrived as an 18th – 19th century hub along the Albany Post Road. Today its wooded wetlands, pond and namesake hill memorializing Revolutionary War history provide serene neighborhood havens perfect for reflecting while remains of the original a Christ Episcopal Church anchors this zone’s living heritage and tight-knit community bonds.
  • Down North Broadway corridors, value dining at Sam’s of Gedney Way merging with Chinese take-out favors neighborhood small business vitality. Close-knit community prevails.

History nurturing neighborhood vibrancy distinguishes 10605.

White Plains Zip Code

10606 – Eastview & Fisher Hill

Cresting over central White Plains from downtown’s eastern flank, zip 10606 embraces coveted elevation through neighborhoods like Eastview and Fisher Hill conveying discreet luxury:

  • Mansions with strong architectural pedigrees line Ridgewood Drive, Oval Road, Blanchard Avenue and Village Lane presenting White Plains at its most majestic with homes starting around $1.2 million.
  • Meanwhile The Esplanade’s posh high rise towers house spacious condominiums complete with resort style pools and fitness centers starting under $500,000 catering to exclusive city tastes.

Sweeping views, architectural renown and discreet community describe 10606 hilltop havens.

In summary White Plains spoils residents for choice – whether your style trends more toward vibrant downtown days, country club leisure, historic neighborhoods or elevating luxury retreats, White Plains zip codes convey tailored living at its finest. Let us know if you need any other insights exploring Westchester County’s finest!

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