Redwood City Zip Code

Redwood City Zip Code

Beyond just home base for tech titans like Oracle, Electronic Arts and Informatica, Redwood City rewards residents with vibrant small city charm steeped in history yet ahead of modern times in innovation. Though encompassing just 34 square miles, “Climate Best by Government Test” Redwood City weaves incredible diversity across cultures, housing, amenities and lifestyles tailored through an array of zip codes that tell unique stories about cozy communities thriving as this emerging San Francisco metro suburb enters its next evolution.

This deep dive beneath the tech hub surface will showcase some of Redwood City’s choicest zip codes beyond the stereotypes. As we explore character neighborhoods from the historic downtown to Spanish revivals to family-friendly enclaves, an underrated richness unveils itself as inspiring as Redwood City’s towering namesake Sequoia sempervirens.

We’ll focus on:

  • 94061 – Redwood Shores Peninsula
  • 94062 – Emerald Lake Hills
  • 94063 – Iconic Downtown & Eagle Hill
  • 94065 – Friendly Farm Hill Neighborhoods

Let’s discover unexpected dimension within these zip codes!

Redwood City Zip Code

94061 – Exclusive Redwood Shores Peninsula

Against the backdrop of a stunning natural bayfront at the meeting of San Francisco Bay with sloughs carving paths inland, the Redwood Shores neighborhood makes the most of its exclusive peninsula location in 94061. Highlights include:

  • Luxury community built from reclaimed marshland now home to Oracle headquarters plus resort-style apartments, parks, and trails capitalizing on the abundance of glittering waterfront surrounding this former no man’s land turned elite tech Hub.
  • Water sports thrill with windsurfing, kayaking and paddleboarding options just steps from properties averaging over $1.5 million conveying privileged views and access pairing executive living with recreation.

Coastal inspiration stirs luxurious possibility in 94061.

Redwood City Zip Code

94062 – Historic Emerald Lake Hills

Tucked south beyond Highway 101, zip code 94062 unfolds across the exclusive Emerald Lake Hills neighborhood threaded between scenic water and wooded wonderbearing an elegant vintage vibe:

  • Storied Emerald Lake Estates charm as a 1920s private golf course resort community turned gracious residential hub lined with lakeside Spanish, Mediterranean, and California bungalow style homes conveying architectural flair. Pricing starts around $2.2 million.
  • Whiskey Hill Park offers wooded trails threading streams, oak groves and native plants plus a community garden nurturing lush backyard inspiration.

Uncommon neighborhood beauty seasoned by legacy makes 94062 a sexy zip code full of sylvan secrets.

94063 – Downtown & Eagle Hill Heritage

Downtown Redwood City’s walkable vibes hub foremost around zip code 94063 radiating out into the established Eagle Hill community sharing prized history:

  • Courthouse Square rings Redwood City’s historic 1861 Greek Revival style courthouse anchoring a vibrant downtown now bustling with cafes, gastropubs, and entertainment thriving amidst restored architecture telling the story of this region’s prosperous past through buildings dating back to the 1800s.

Eagle Hill rose surrounding lumber baron estate hilltops in the 1940s and 1950s cradling wooded, peaceful neighborhood Island feel perfect for families seeking refuge from suburban sameness. Home pricing starts around $1.4 million.

History nurturing natural inspiration makes 94063 a meaningful zip code.

Redwood City Zip Code

94065 – Friendly Farm Hill Neighborhoods

Inland near Emerald Hills, Farm Hill within 94065 interweaves neighborhood charm with open spaces:

  • Spacious ranch homes built in the early 1960s ring Edgewood Park conjuring quintessential suburban living paired with backyard wilderness access. Pricing currently around $1.35 million makes this zone a smart buy for savvy families.

Whimsical vibes ebb through Farm Hill streets like Magic and Tinkerbell Lanes evoking the friendly mood at this zip code skirting the woodlands.

In summary Redwood City zip codes gift residents with abundant options beyond tech campuses and sleek downtowns – from exclusive bayfront enjoyment to architectural legacies and neighborhoods nurturing community spirit both historical and visionary. Let us know if you need any other guidance discovering dimension within this dynamic city by the bay!

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