Plainfield Zip Code

Plainfield Zip Code

Plainfield, New Jersey encapsulates all the dynamism and diversity of a small but bustling urban center along every dimension – from its deep roots in rail and manufacturing history to its tapestry of cultural neighborhoods to thriving parks peppering a blend of architectural landscapes ranging from 19th century Victorians to 21st century apartment living.

But the city’s vibrancy is far from homogeneous. Over its 5 square miles, Plainfield provides over 12 unique zip codes to explore – each offering singular personality and snug communities within the larger whole.

This deep dive will unpack a few of Plainfield’s top zip codes to showcase some of New Jersey’s warmest welcomes through a choice blend of character neighborhoods, rich amenities and home styles to match your lifestyle.

We’ll focus on:

  • 07060 – The Hill Neighborhood
  • 07062 – Netherwood Neighborhood
  • 07063 – North Plainfield Annex
  • 07080 – South Plainfield

Let’s uncover the stories and scenery painting life across these microneighborhoods!

Plainfield Zip Code

07060 – Historic Hill Neighborhood

Founded as an affluent late 19th century streetcar suburb, Plainfield’s Hill neighborhood captures Victorian era allure that earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places. Within zip 07060, the Hill offers:

  • Majestic High Victorian Gothic Queen Anne homes along streets like Woodland Avenue conveying historic architectural grandeur starting around $400,000. Nearby Sleepy Hollow provides charming bungalows.
  • Crescent Area historic district – Settled around the still operational Victorian train depot, more ornate landmarks like the 1885 Mohican building merge heritage with hipster small businesses, galleries and studios.
  • proximity to Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center – Anchoring essential neighborhood healthcare offerings.

History intertwines with opportunity in 07060 where life on The Hill means always a foundation, forever potential.

Plainfield Zip Code

07062 – Netherwood Neighborhood

Just northwest lies 07062 enveloping the Netherwood neighborhood distinguished by its eclectic landmarks and community spirit:

  • The magnificent Tudor-Gothic mansion of NXIVM president Nancy Salzman conveys almost cultish extravagance though prosecutors allege it bankrolled a secret society accused of sex trafficking and forced labor – quite the conversation starter for architecture aficionados! Nearby sleepy streets offer more modest Colonials and ranch houses under $500,000.
  • Plainfield Country Club – Recently restored private course designed in 1921 set within a grand colonial stone clubhouse. Grounds exude refined grace and hospitality.

Quirky tales stirred into historic good living give 07062 an intriguing edge.

Plainfield Zip Code

07063 – North Plainfield Annex

Up along the Watchung foothills, 07063 blankets recently annexed portions of North Plainfield retaining abundant greenery and comfortable suburban living:

  • Mountain Heights neighborhood – Situated around Mountainview Park and the Mountainview Pool complex, quiet streets shaded beneath sprawling oaks feature spacious homes from the 1950-70s along Watchung bordering the Somerset Hills. Priced from $350,000s.
  • Northern retail/dining corridor – Bustling commercial zone along Route 22 features big box staples like Target, Home Depot and Olive Garden catering conveniently to surrounding homes.

Lush landscapes nurturing easygoing lifestyle commitments distinguish 07063.

Plainfield Zip Code

07080 – South Plainfield

Down along the Piscataway line sits 07080 enveloping vibey South Plainfield where evolution continues fostering underrated opportunity:

  • Old Rhodesville Historic District – Date back to the early 19th century amid preserved architecture and the Cornelison Homestead recalling this area’s rural roots now absorbed into bustling contemporary suburbia. Home pricing starts around $325,000 for updated Colonials and Capes.
  • Oak Park Commons – Thriving transit oriented village opened in 2013 spans over 50 acres with tree-lined sidewalks weaving apartments, live-work duplexes, community pools, parks, daycares, shops and offices together fostering sustainable mixed-use living. Rentals start around $1600/month.

Something for everyone makes 07080 a zip code embracing what’s ahead.

In summary Plainfield’s downtown dynamism permeates through its patchwork of zip codes – each knitting singular stories offering uncommon welcome across eras of architecture, culture, commerce and community. Let us know if you need any other guidance discovering your perfect personalized place within Plainfield’s distinctive pockets!

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