Charlottesville Zip Code

Charlottesville Zip Code

Anchored in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville provides a vibrant blend of small city culture, college town spirit, and natural beauty. As the largest metro in central Virginia, Charlottesville contains over 20 unique zip codes spanning historic districts out to suburban oases.

This comprehensive guide will explore Charlottesville’s most prominent residential zip codes and what gives each area its own distinctive sense of place. Whether you’re new to “Cville” or a longtime local, understanding the zip code nuances provides valuable neighborhood insights.


We’ll focus on:

  • 22902 – Downtown Charlottesville
  • 22903 – North Downtown & University of Virginia
  • 22905 – Fry’s Spring & Jefferson Park Ave
  • 22911 – Barracks Road & UVA Research Park
  • 22901 – Belmont, Ridge Street & Tonsler Park

Let’s dive deep into the culture, real estate, dining, and lifestyle across these core Charlottesville zip codes!

22902 – Historic Downtown

The heart of Charlottesville, downtown centers around zip code 22902. This lively hub offers:

  • Brick-lined Downtown Mall – A vibrant pedestrian district with 120+ shops, 30+ restaurants, and attractions like the Paramount Theater, Discovery Museum, and Live Arts theater.
  • Historic architecture – From the Rotunda at UVA to the neoclassical Jefferson Theater, downtown contains graceful 18th and 19th century buildings that fuel Charlottesville’s character.
  • City market – Open air market since 1974, this Main Street fixture offers artisan goods, fresh produce, flowers, and quick bites perfect for strolling between shops.

Urban living options include restored lofts, apartments and condos starting around $1000/month.

22902 connects residents to Charlottesville’s storied past and lively present.


22903 – North Downtown & University of Virginia

Directly north, zip 22903 contains the prestigious University of Virginia and adjacent neighborhoods packed with student housing, amenities, and university culture. Highlights include:

  • Univerity of Virginia – This historic campus provides world-class academics. UVA’s Division I Cavaliers sports teams give the area renowned college spirit.
  • The Corner – Vibrant commercial district offering UVA apparel shops, bookstores, cafes, bars, and restaurants catering to students. Bustling social scene.
  • Housing ranges from turn-of-the-century Victorians to post-war apartments and condos for student living. Prices start around $300,000.

22903 has an electric, youthful vibe.


22905 – Fry’s Spring & Jefferson Park Ave

Northeast of downtown, zip 22905 contains quintessential Charlottesville residential living:

  • Fry’s Spring Beach Club – Family-friendly private swim and tennis club offering summer recreation. Surrounded by elegant homes starting around $500,000.
  • Little High Neighborhood – Historic early 20th century homes downtown close to the pedestrian Downtown Mall and city market. Prices start around $400,000.
  • Restaurants – Local west Main Street eateries like Citizen Burger Bar, Brazos Tacos and Riverside Lunch are neighborhood staples.

22905 balances close-knit community with downtown access.


22911 – Barracks Road & UVA Research Park

In southern Charlottesville, zip 22911 spans high-end shopping and innovation centers:

  • Barracks Road Shopping Center – Premier open-air mall with 160+ stores, from Anthropologie to Apple to Primrose Schools daycare. Wide dining selection.
  • UVA Research Park – Home to 120+ companies and 3,000+ jobs. Cutting-edge research happens here across industries.
  • Golf course communities – Exclusive developments like Glenmore surround private golf clubs. Home pricing starts around $750,000.

22911 caters to indulgent lifestyles and innovation.


22901 – Belmont, Ridge St and Tonsler Park

On the north side, zip 22901 contains a diverse mix of housing enclaves:

  • Belmont – Historic mansions and cottages developed as one of Charlottesville’s first streetcar suburbs in the early 1900s. Homes from $400,000.
  • Ridge Street – Formerly a vibrant African American business corridor, this area still anchors Black culture in Charlottesville. Home prices around $250,000.
  • Tonsler Park – Residential area with ranch houses starting under $200,000. Provides a more affordable living option.


In summary, Charlottesville offers something for everyone across its zip codes – from university living to innovation centers, haute shopping to historic neighborhoods. Let me know if you need any other insights on finding your perfect area in this delightful Virginia city!

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