Fullerton Zip Code

Fullerton Zip Code

Fullerton is a vibrant city in Orange County, California offering a mix of education, arts, shopping and dining. As one of O.C.’s larger cities, Fullerton spans over 22 square miles containing nearly 20 unique zip codes blanketing everything from a bustling downtown to peaceful suburban enclaves.

This comprehensive guide will explore some of Fullerton’s most prominent residential zip codes and what gives each area its own distinctive sense of place. Whether you’re new to “Top College Town” Fullerton or a longtime local, understanding the nuances across these zip codes provides valuable insight into the city’s eclectic blend of community, education, and entertainment.

We’ll focus on:

  • 92831 – Downtown Fullerton
  • 92832 – Northeast Fullerton
  • 92833 – Southeast Fullerton
  • 92835 – Northwest Fullerton

Let’s dive deep into the housing, dining, amenities, and lifestyle within each of these vibrant Fullerton zip codes.


92831 – Downtown Fullerton

Fullerton’s cultural heart, downtown falls primarily within zip code 92831. This lively walkable hub offers:

  • Nightlife and events centered around Fullerton’s historic Fox Theatre which hosts concerts, comedy acts, indie films, horror conventions and more. The downtown scene has a youthful creative vibe.
  • Upscale loft-style apartments and condos line Wilshire Ave and the newly developed SOCO district. Expect rents starting around $2200/month.
  • The Fullerton Museum Center houses exhibits chronicling Fullerton’s agriculture and oil heritage including a preserved Santa Fe railway depot. Don’t miss the annual Day of the Dead festival!

92831 provides energetic urban living immersed in culture, art, and entertainment.


92832 – Northeast Fullerton

Northeast of downtown, zip code 92832 contains established family neighborhoods and education centers:

  • Parks and rec – Large greenspaces like Hillcrest Park, Laguna Lake, and the Wilborn Equestrian Center provide room for sports, picnics and outdoor fun.
  • Schools – Outstanding K-12 education including Troy High School and proximity to Cal State Fullerton makes 92832 a learners’ haven.
  • Housing – Mid-century and ranch style homes built primarily in the 1960s range from around $600,000 to $1 million. Excellent for families.

92832 balances quality education with suburban serenity.


92833 – Southeast Fullerton

In southeast Fullerton, zip code 92833 encompasses vibrant Asian-American communities and shopping/dining:

  • Little Seoul – Line Oakridge Ave is the heart of a thriving Korean community, with H-Mart grocery, cafes like Seafood City, and Korean BBQ spots. Signage is often in Hangul.
  • Diversity – Japanese, Chinese, and Latino cultures also blend, with markets and eateries along Harbor Blvd.
  • Neighborhoods – South of Chapman Ave offers residential areas with homes starting around $600,000. Close-knit communities.

92833 reveals Fullerton’s rich multicultural fabric.


92835 – Northwest Fullerton

Up in northwest Fullerton, zip code 92835 contains recently developed neighborhoods and parks:

  • Driving range living – Communities like Tierra Del Sol Golf Club surround Fullerton’s premier driving range and lighted practice course. Homes start in the $800,000s.
  • Parks – Open space abounds with theconfigure 64-acre West Coyote Hills and the historic Plummer Auditorium and museum nestled in rolling hills.
  • Anaheim connections – Easy access to attractions like Angel Stadium, Honda Center, and Outlets at Orange make this area popular.


92835 appeals with recreation and amenities at the doorstep.

In summary, from downtown vibrancy to family living, academics to multicultural communities and parkland escapes – Fullerton’s distinctive zip codes have diverse offerings tailored to any lifestyle. Let me know if you need any other local insights when exploring neighborhoods in this thriving O.C. city!

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