Sunnyvale Zip Code

Sunnyvale Zip Code

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale offers a vibrant blend of high-tech innovation, outdoor recreation, and sublime climate. As one of the largest cities in the Bay Area, Sunnyvale contains dozens of zip codes blanketing everything from R&D campuses to peaceful residential enclaves.

This in-depth guide will explore Sunnyvale’s major zip codes to highlight the unique culture and community found in each district. Whether you’re new to “The City of Innovation” or a longtime local, understanding Sunnyvale’s zip code terroir provides valuable insight into the diverse neighborhoods that make this city thrive.

We’ll focus on:

  • 94085 – North Central Sunnyvale
  • 94086 – Downtown & South Sunnyvale
  • 94087 – Northwestern Sunnyvale
  • 94089 – South & East Sunnyvale

Let’s dive deep into what gives each of these vibrant zones its own distinct sense of place!

Sunnyvale Zip Code

94085 – North Central Sunnyvale

In north central Sunnyvale, zip code 94085 contains the city’s high-tech heart anchored around Moffett Park. This booming zone is home to:

  • Tech campuses for Silicon Valley giants like LinkedIn, Juniper Networks, and the SAP Center sports arena where the San Jose Sharks play.
  • Amcity – a new 48-acre high-tech mixed-use village with office space, apartments, shops and parks. Promotes a “live where you work” environment.
  • High-end corporate apartments like Levity near LinkedIn’s campus start around $3500/month. Convenience for workaholics!

94085 provides the pulse of innovation that powers the valley.

Sunnyvale Zip Code

94086 – Downtown & South Sunnyvale

In central Sunnyvale, zip code 94086 encompasses historic downtown, civic centers, and established neighborhoods. Highlights include:

  • Murphy Avenue – Sunnyvale’s lively downtown district offers alfresco dining, boutiques, public art and a classic 1940s movie theater – the Retro Dome Cinema.
  • Plaza Del Sol – Outdoor civic plaza hosting community events and the weekly Sunnyvale Farmers Market.
  • Historic homes and tree-lined streets give neighborhoods like Cherry Chase vintage appeal. Houses start around $1.5 million. Top schools are a draw for families.

94086 provides small-town charm near urban amenities.

Sunnyvale Zip Code

94087 – Northwestern Sunnyvale

In northwestern areas, zip code 94087 contains neighborhoods nestled around parks and outdoor recreation. Notable features include:

  • Baylands Park – Over 1,700 acres of open space with hiking, biking, golf and water recreation on the bay. Even whale watching!
  • Las Palmas and San Miguel – Mid-century communities offering ranch homes starting around $1.5 million. Close to Apple and Caltrain.
  • Town Center – Mixed-use complex with contemporary shopping, dining and entertainment options.

94087 offers peaceful living immersed in nature.

Sunnyvale Zip Code

94089 – South & East Sunnyvale

Down in southeast sections, zip code 94089 blankets sprawling residential communities. Highlights include:

  • East Sunnyvale – Neighborhoods like Lakewood offer ranch and two-story homes from the 1970s, starting around $1.5 million. Excellent schools nearby.
  • South Sunnyvale – Newer planned communities like Remington provide amenities like pools, parks and recreation centers. Homes start around $2 million.
  • Retail and dining – Oakwood Center and Cherokee Center mix major national chains with mom-and-pop shops and eateries catering to local flavor.

94089 provides open space and comfort amid Silicon Valley’s go-go pace.

In summary, Sunnyvale’s zip codes offer neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle – from sleek high-tech hotspots to historic tree-lined streets to contemporary master-planned village living. This innovative city provides quintessential California climate and community with a high-tech heart. Let me know if you need any other tips for finding your perfect Sunnyvale zip code!

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