Worcester Zip Code

Worcester Zip Code

As the second largest city in New England after Boston, Worcester, MA provides a lively urban experience rich in history and culture. With nearly 40 square miles of diverse neighborhoods blanketed by over 25 zip codes, Worcester contains vibrancy district by district. This deep dive will highlight some of Worcester’s best residential zip codes and what gives each area its unique charm.

We’ll focus on:

  • 01608 – Downtown Worcester
  • 01602 – West Side Neighborhoods
  • 01606 – East Side Neighborhoods
  • 01609 – North Side Neighborhoods

Let’s uncover what defines life in each of these zones!

Worcester Zip Code

01608 – Historic Downtown

The heart of the city, downtown Worcester sits within zip code 01608. This lively urban hub offers:

  • Architectural beauty in buildings like Worcester City Hall, Union Station and the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.
  • Museums and culture at venues like the Worcester Art Museum, EcoTarium, and American Antiquarian Society.
  • Dining and entertainment along the pedestrian Downtown Worcester Common. Great for strolling and people watching!
  • Funky loft living in converted industrial spaces like Harding Green or the Printers Building starting around $1500/month.

01608 provides an energetic urban lifestyle in an historic New England setting.

Worcester Zip Code

01602 – West Side Neighborhoods

To the west of downtown, zip code 01602 includes established residential areas like:

  • Newton Hill – Architectural beauty blending historic mansions with new luxury condos. Houses start around $400,000.
  • Bell Hill – New developments like Bell Park offer condo living from $200,000s. Great access to Green Hill Park and local eateries.
  • Salisbury Village – Family neighborhood with mid-century homes starting under $300,000. Rated schools nearby.

01602 provides settled communities just beyond downtown’s bustle.

Worcester Zip Code

01606 – East Side Neighborhoods

In Worcester’s eastern side, zip code 01606 offers culture and recreational living:

  • Indian Lake – Picturesque lake community offering water recreation like fishing, boating and swimming. Homes start around $350,000.
  • Green Hill Park – Over 700 acres of beautiful rolling parkland perfect for hiking, golf and family picnics.
  • EcoTarium – This unique museum focused on ecology and science education offers indoor and outdoor exhibits, planetarium and wildlife.

01606 balances natural beauty with Worcester’s urban conveniences.

Worcester Zip Code

01609 – North Side Neighborhoods

Up in northern Worcester, zip code 01609 contains vibrant neighborhoods and commercial centers:

  • Worcester Regional Airport – Provides national connections along with services, dining, hotels and nearby office parks.
  • QCC & White City – Quinsigamond Community College campus area mixes college culture, entertainment and new apartments starting around $1500/month.
  • Burncoat, Doherty – Family neighborhoods offer colonial and ranch homes starting in the $250,000s. Highly rated schools nearby.

01609 provides a taste of livable New England suburbia.

So in summary, with its blend of small town warmth and urban energy, Worcester’s distinctive zip codes have something for everyone seeking the Heart of the Commonwealth’s irresistible culture and community. Let me know if you need any other guidance on finding your perfect Worcester neighborhood!

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