Demystifying Santa Clara’s Diverse Neighborhoods by Zip Code

Demystifying Santa Clara’s Diverse Neighborhoods by Zip Code

Known as Silicon Valley’s original hometown, Santa Clara, CA is now a thriving hub of tech industry and innovation. But within its approximately 20 square miles, Santa Clara contains distinct neighborhoods across its primary zip codes. In this guide, we’ll explore Santa Clara one zip code at a time to uncover the unique personality of each area.

Demystifying Santa Clara's

Santa Clara Zip Code Basics

Santa Clara’s core residential zip codes include:

  • 95050 – Central Santa Clara including historic downtown and civic center areas.
  • 95051 – Northwestern neighborhoods like Newhall, Agnew, and Northside.
  • 95054 – Southeast Santa Clara including Lawrence Station and University enclaves.

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the local vibe and real estate in each!

95050 – Historic Downtown Santa Clara

As Santa Clara’s original zip code, 95050 is home to the historic downtown district. Here you’ll find:

  • Historic sites like the Santa Clara Depot, Santa Clara City Hall, and Mission Santa Clara de Asís. Take a walking tour to embrace the city’s roots.
  • Downtown dining and nightlife along Franklin Street and Washington Street, offering a mix of cuisines and cultural spots like breweries, cafes, and theatres.
  • Family-friendly parks and amenities like Central Park, Bowers Park, and the International Swim Center.

Neighborhoods in 95050 range from classic bungalow streets near the civic center to condo communities convenient to downtown. Homes start around $900,000.

Demystifying Santa Clara's

95051 – NW Santa Clara: Newhall, Agnew, Northside

In northwest Santa Clara, zip code 95051 contains established neighborhoods offering more affordable options compared to central districts.

  • Newhall offers tri-level and two-story homes from the 1960-70s, ranging from $800,000 to $1.2 million. Excellent access to parks and trails.
  • Agnew provides a mix of older ranch style homes and newer Mediterranean villas, starting around $1 million. Close to retail and services.
  • Northside contains an eclectic mix of bungalows, Victorians, and craftsman style homes. Houses start around $1.2 million.

95054 – SE Santa Clara: Lawrence Station, University

Demystifying Santa Clara's



In southeast Santa Clara, 95054 offers a blend of high-density housing around transit centers and university campuses.

  • Lawrence Station area provides smaller condos and apartments near the Caltrain commuter station, starting around $700,000.
  • University neighborhoods cater to students and staff of Santa Clara University. Condos and rentals start around $500,000. Cafes and pubs are plentiful.

So in summary, Santa Clara’s zip codes open doors to the city’s rich history, family-friendly vibe, and diversity – from historic sites downtown to university culture and residential enclaves. Let me know if you need any tips for buying or renting across this Silicon Valley city!

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