Zip Code of Bend Oregon

Zip Code of Bend Oregon

When you need to send mail or ship packages to the city of Bend in Central Oregon, it’s important to address it with the correct 5-digit zip code for efficient delivery.

This article provides an overview of the primary zip codes serving the Bend area.


Core Bend Zip Codes

These are the main zip codes used for addresses across key areas of Bend:

  • 97701 – Downtown Bend, Old Mill District, Larkspur. This is the primary zip code.
  • 97702 – West Bend neighborhoods like Awbrey Butte.
  • 97703 – Parts of southwest Bend including Southern Crossing.
  • 97707 – Sections of southeast Bend such as Lombard area.
  • 97708 – Northeastern neighborhoods like Pinebrook.

So depending on which part of Bend a destination address is in, these core zip codes ensure mail routing to the proper area. 97701 covers downtown and central Bend specifically.

Nearby Community Zip Codes

In addition to the main Bend zips, surrounding towns and communities nearby also have their own codes:

  • 97751 – Redmond
  • 97739 – Sisters
  • 97760 – Sunriver

Mail going to these areas would use their specific 5-digit zip.


Mailing Tips for Bend, OR

To ensure proper delivery of mail and packages within Bend city limits:

  • Verify the correct zip for the recipient’s address neighborhood.
  • Use online maps to check area if unsure of zip code.
  • Include full street address, city, and 5-digit zip.
  • Add apartment or unit number if applicable.

Using the accurate Bend zip code for each area ensures your mail will arrive at its intended destination without delay!


Getting the zip code right when mailing letters or shipping packages to recipients in Bend neighborhoods allows efficient routing and delivery. Consult a map if unsure of the area’s code.

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