Arlington TX Zip Code

Arlington TX Zip Code

If you need to send mail to a recipient in Arlington, TX, having the correct 5-digit zip code is key to ensuring proper delivery. Located inside Tarrant County, Arlington is a major city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

This article will cover the primary zip codes that serve the Arlington area to help get your letters or packages to the right destination.


Core Arlington Zip Codes

These are the main zip codes used throughout Arlington for mailing addresses:

  • 76001 – Downtown Arlington and the main zip code for the city center. Also covers North Arlington.
  • 76002 – The primary zip code for Southeast Arlington neighborhoods.
  • 76006 – Serves South and Southwest Arlington including Pantego.
  • 76007 – Covers areas of West Arlington like Watson Community and David Singley.
  • 76008 – Northcentral neighborhoods of Arlington like Rush Creek and connections to Dallas.
  • 76010 – East Arlington communities including parts of Randol Mill and Bardin.

So depending on which part of Arlington a recipient’s address is in, these core zip codes will ensure proper delivery throughout the city.

Other Nearby Zip Codes

In addition to the main Arlington zips, there are also some codes used in adjacent suburbs and communities:

  • 76005 – Grand Prairie, south of Arlington
  • 76009 – Kennedale, east of Arlington city limits
  • 76094 – Mansfield, southeast of Arlington

So an address in one of these surrounding cities would use their designated zip code.


Mailing Tips for Arlington, TX

Whenever you are addressing mail or packages to an Arlington destination, be sure to:

  • Verify which zip code is used for that specific neighborhood.
  • Check a map of Arlington zips if unsure.
  • Use the correct 5-digit code for efficient delivery.
  • Include the recipient’s full street address, city, and zip.

Using the proper Arlington zip will allow your mail to be correctly routed once it arrives in the city’s area. Ensuring accurate addressing with the right zip code helps avoid delays!


So now that you know the major zip codes for Arlington neighborhoods, you can address any mail or shipments effectively. Just be sure to double check the specific 5-digit code based on which part of the city it’s headed to.

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