Zip Codes in Aurora Colorado

Zip Codes in Aurora Colorado

With a population over 380,000, the city of Aurora spreads across several different zip codes within its boundaries in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Given Aurora’s large geographic area, it utilizes a number of postal codes to cover its many distinct neighborhoods and communities.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key zip codes that make up metro Aurora, CO and what areas they represent.

Aurora Colorado

Core Zip Codes of Aurora

Near the heart of Aurora are these central and widely used zip codes:

  • 80010 – Downtown Aurora, Original Aurora, Fletcher Plaza
  • 80011 – North Aurora Highlands, Fitzsimons Medical Campus
  • 80012 – Heather Ridge, Lowry, northwest Aurora
  • 80013 – Central and southeast Aurora neighborhoods
  • 80014 – Mission Viejo, Aurora Hills, southwest Aurora

The 80010 through 80014 range covers much of the main city center and nearby communities. 80010 represents downtown and central Aurora specifically.

Outlying and Suburban Zip Codes

Given Aurora’s large area, there are also many outlying neighborhood zip codes:

  • 80015 – Northeastern Aurora – Pontiac, Lansing, Watkins
  • 80017 – Southeastern Aurora – Pleasantview, Smoky Hill
  • 80016 – Far southern Aurora – The Farm at Tall Grass
  • 80231 – Western Aurora – Heritage Eagle Bend

These codes cover the outer fringes and suburbs of metropolitan Aurora.

Aurora Colorado

Demographic Profile of 80010 Zip Code

To understand who lives within the 80010 downtown region, here are some key demographics:

  • Total Population – 54,387
  • Median Age – 33 years old
  • Median Household Income – $47,269
  • Race Breakdown – White 59%, Hispanic 28%, Black 6%
  • Housing – Mostly renters at 69% occupancy

This provides perspective on Aurora’s urban city center. Outer zip codes vary in make-up.


Mailing Tips for Aurora

To ensure mail arrives at the proper Aurora neighborhood:

  • Verify which specific zip code aligns with the recipient’s address.
  • Use online maps to check area if unsure of zip code.
  • Utilize the correct 5-digit code for that locality.
  • Include full street address, city, and zip.

Aurora Colorado

Correct zip codes allow efficient delivery within the expansive city!

So in summary, Aurora has over 25 different zip codes spanning its wide boundaries and neighborhoods. Identifying the right code for each district is key for timely mail and shipments. When sending items to Aurora, double check the specific 5-digit zip to prevent delays or misrouting.

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