What is the Zip Code for Provo, Utah?

What is the Zip Code for Provo, Utah?

If you’re mailing a letter, shipping a package, or just curious, you may be wondering – what is the zip code for Provo, Utah?

Located in Utah County as the third largest city in the state, Provo is home to over 116,000 people. It is also the location of Brigham Young University. This city at the base of the Wasatch Mountains has a main zip code along with several additional zip codes used in different areas.


Main Provo Zip Code

The primary zip code for Provo covers most of the central city:

  • 84601 – Downtown Provo and core city neighborhoods like Dixon, Maeser, Franklin

This 84601 zip code delivers mail to popular city spots like the Provo City Library, Covey Center for the Arts, and NuSkin headquarters. It surrounds the BYU campus and the Provo Towne Centre mall area.

Other Provo Zip Codes

Though 84601 is the main zip code, there are also a few additional zip codes used in Provo for specific neighborhood zones:

  • 84604 – Southwest Provo including Fort Utah and Provo Canyon School
  • 84606 – Southeast Provo encompassing neighborhoods like Riverbottoms and Bonneville Hills
  • 84605 – Far northeast Provo including areas around Utah Lake
  • 84660 – unincorporated Provo metro area including Slate Canyon

So in different areas you may see 84601, 84604, 84606 or other codes. But the core Provo city center uses 84601 in addresses and for mail delivery.


Provo Mailing Tips

When sending mail or ordering deliveries to Provo:

  • Use 84601 for downtown and central neighborhoods
  • Verify zip code for specific outlying neighborhoods
  • Include recipient name, street address, city (“Provo”) and full 9-digit zip
  • Double check apartment or unit numbers if applicable

Using the correct Provo zip code will ensure your mail or packages arrive at the right location in the city!


So in summary, the main zip code for Provo is 84601 but surrounding communities use variant codes so double check based on the specific neighborhood. With the right 5 or 9 digit zip, your Provo mail will get safely to its destination.

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