What is the Zip Code for Bellingham, WA?

What is the Zip Code for Bellingham, WA?

When sending mail or looking up geographic data for Bellingham, WA, it’s important to know the proper zip code. Located in Whatcom County, Bellingham has several zip codes assigned to different areas and neighborhoods throughout the city.

This article will cover the main Bellingham zip codes to know and how to ensure mail is addressed properly for delivery within the city.

Main Bellingham Zip Code

The primary zip code for Bellingham is:

  • 98225 – Downtown Bellingham and much of the surrounding urban area

This 98225 code serves as the main postal code for central Bellingham and covers a large portion of the city of Bellingham, WA. It delivers mail to almost 50,000 people who live in this area.


When addressing letters or packages to downtown destinations like Western Washington University or central neighborhoods of Bellingham, 98225 is the correct zip code to use.

Other Bellingham Area Zip Codes

While 98225 is the predominant zip code, there are also some additional codes used for mailing addresses in outlying Bellingham neighborhoods and surrounding communities:

  • 98226 – Serves the northern neighborhoods of the city
  • 98229 – Covers areas south of downtown like Samish Way
  • 98257 – ZIP for Sudden Valley area west of Bellingham
  • 98244 – ZIP code for Lynden located north of Bellingham

So some addresses may use 98226, 98229, or other codes based on the specific Bellingham neighborhood. But 98225 covers the core downtown and most of the urban city area.


Demographics of 98225 Zip Code

To give a better picture of the 98225 zip code area, here are some of its key demographic details according to the zip code database:

  • Total population – 48,852
  • White population – 84%
  • Hispanic population – 4.6%
  • Black population – 2.4%
  • Asian population – 5.2%
  • Male population – 49.8%
  • Female population – 50.2%

The 98225 zip code covers a total area of 16 square miles within the city of Bellingham. It is located in the Pacific time zone.


This information can provide insight into the central Bellingham region defined by the 98225 zip code.

So in summary, when sending mail to Bellingham, WA make sure to use the 98225 zip code for downtown and central city addresses to ensure proper delivery. Verify other zip codes for outlying areas. Knowing the correct postal code helps direct your mail to its destination!

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