What is the Zip Code for Temecula, California?

What is the Zip Code for Temecula, California?

When you need to send mail or ship packages to the city of Temecula, California, it’s important to know the correct zip code to use. Temecula sits in Riverside County and has a few different postal codes assigned to neighborhoods throughout the city.

In this article, we’ll cover the main Temecula zip codes and how to address mail properly for delivery.

Core Temecula Zip Code

The primary Temecula zip code is:

  • 92592 – Central Temecula and Old Town Temecula

This 92592 code serves as the main zip code for the heart of the city of Temecula. It covers essential areas like Old Town Temecula, Temecula City Hall, Promenade Mall, and others.


When mailing letters, packages or doing any address searches for central Temecula, 92592 is the zip code you want to use.

Other Temecula Zip Codes

While 92592 is the main postal code, there are also some additional zip codes used for specific neighborhoods and areas in the greater Temecula region:

  • 92590 – Covers areas of southern Temecula like Redhawk
  • 92591 – Serves parts of northeast Temecula and Wine Country
  • 92593 – Includes rural residential areas east of central Temecula

So certain addresses may use 92590, 92591 or other codes based on location within the city. But 92592 is the core Temecula zip.


Temecula 92592 Demographics

To get a snapshot of the central Temecula region covered by 92592, here are some of its key demographics according to data sources:

  • Total population – 36,448
  • Median household income – $86,732
  • Median home value – $477,200
  • Median age – 40 years old
  • Land area – 14.3 square miles

This can help provide perspective on the core 92592 Temecula area and how it compares to other southern California cities.


So to properly direct mail and packages to central Temecula neighborhoods and businesses, always use the 92592 Temecula, CA zip code. Double checking the zip code ensures delivery to the correct destination in the city!

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