Where is the 320 area code?

Where is the 320 area code?

Most of central Minnesota is covered by the 320 area code. On March 17, 1996, area code 320 was created as a split from area code 612. Today, area code 320 borders every area code in Minnesota except area code 612.

The city of St. Cloud is in the state of Minnesota. St. Cloud is the largest city in Central Minnesota and the county seat of Stearns County. Saint-Cloud, France, and St. Cloud, Minnesota, have the same name because St. Cloud, Minnesota, was named after Saint-Cloud, France. Saint-Cloud, France, was named after the French monk Saint Clodoald. The Mississippi River, the Sauk River, and Lake George are all important bodies of water in St. Cloud. Sartell, Sauk Rapids, St. Augusta, and St. Joseph are all nearby towns.

The city has a humid continental climate, which means that the summers are hot and humid and the winters are cold and snowy. There are 65,842 people living in St. Cloud, and 84.6% of them are White, 7.8% are African American, 3.7% are Asian, and 2.4% are Hispanic (2010 Census). St. Cloud is not a safe city, and it is one of the ten most dangerous in Minnesota. When it comes to education, St. Cloud is home to the third largest university in Minnesota, which is St. Cloud University. St. Cloud has 95 parks and recreation areas.

320 area

Whitney Memorial Park is the largest and most developed park. It has a recreation centre, a dog park, and many softball, baseball, and soccer fields. The Munsinger Gardens, the Clemens Gardens, and the Stearns History Museum are all interesting places to visit in St. Cloud. Both the Crossroads Center and downtown St. Cloud have places to shop, eat, and have fun.

The second biggest city in Central Minnesota is Sartell. Sartell is in both Benton County and Stearns County, and it is on the Mississippi River. There are 15,876 people living in Sartell, and 95.5% of them are White, 1.5% are Asian, 1.4% are Hispanic, and 0.9% are African American (2010 Census). Even though there aren’t many things to do in the city, there are many parks, miles of paved walking paths, golf courses, playgrounds, tennis courts, and ice rinks.

The city of Hutchinson is in Minnesota, and it is the biggest city in McLeod County. Hutchinson was started in 1855 by the Hutchinson Family Singers, an American family singing group that was the most famous American entertainers of the 1840s. Crow River, Otter Lake, and Campbell Lake are three of the most important bodies of water in Hutchinson. State Highways 7, 15, and 22 are three of the most important roads in Hutchinson. There are 14,178 people living in Hutchinson, and 95.4% of them are White, 3.8% are Hispanic, 1.1% are Asian, and 0.9% are African American (2010 Census).

The low crime rate in Hutchinson makes it one of the safest cities in Minnesota. Most jobs in the economy are in manufacturing. Hutchinson Technology and 3M are the biggest employers in manufacturing in the city. Hutchinson has the second oldest park system of any city in the United States. Crow River Winery, Hutchinson Mall, and Masonic West River Park are all places to visit in Hutchinson.

Alexandria, which located in Minnesota, serves as Douglas County’s county seat. Alexandria had its first settlers in 1858, and in 1909 it was incorporated as a city. It bears the names of Alexander and William Kinkead, brothers. Lake Darling, Lake Le Homme Dieu, Lake Ida, and Lake Carlos are just a few of the many lakes in Alexandria. Alexandria is home to 11,070 people, and 96.3% of them are White, 1.5% are Hispanic, 0.8% are African American, and 0.7% are Asian (2010 Census).

Since many people live on and around the city’s lakes, a big chunk of the people who live here are not counted in the population. Alexandria is known as a tourist destination because it has so many lakes and resorts. A Grape Stomp, an Apple Fest, the Douglas County Fair, and Art in the Park are all tourist events that happen in the city every year. The Carlos Creek Winery, the Runestone Museum, the Big Ole Viking Statue, and the Legacy of the Lakes Museum are all interesting places to visit in Alexandria.

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