What is Dick Wolf Worth?

What is Dick Wolf Worth?

How much money does Dick Wolf have?

Net Worth: $600 Million
Age: 75
Born: 20-Dec-46
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional TV Producer
Last Updated: 2-Aug-22


As of November 2022, it is thought that Dick Wolf’s net worth is $600 Million.

American TV producer Dick Wolf is best known as the creator and executive producer of the “Law & Order” series.

Wolf is also the creator and executive producer of the “Chicago franchise,” which has four police, court, fire, and medical dramas set in Chicago since 2012.

Early Years

On December 20, 1946, Richard Anthony Wolf was born in New York City. Wolf is the son of George Wolf, who oversees advertising, and Marie G, a homemaker. His mother, who was born in Ireland, was a Roman Catholic, and his father was Jewish.

He was an altar boy and went to Saint David’s School, The Gunnery, and the University of Pennsylvania (class of 1969).


At Benton & Bowles, Wolf was a copywriter for advertisements. You can’t beat Crest at fighting cavities, according to one of his Crest toothpaste advertisements. His “I’m Cheryl, fly me” National Airlines commercial is another of his creations.

After a few years, he moved to Los Angeles and had three of his screenplays made into movies. One of these movies, Masquerade (1988), with Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly, was well liked.

He got his start in TV as a staff writer on Hill Street Blues, and an episode called “What Are Friends For?” got him his first Emmy nomination.

Wolf’s Law & Order ran from 1990 to 2010, which tied it with Gunsmoke as the longest-running drama on TV at the time. This made it one of the most successful franchises on TV.

Wolf became the executive producer of the CBS drama “FBI” in 2018. The show stars Jeremy Sisto, who was in “Law and Order,” and Sela Ward, who was in “CSI: NY,” which Wolf did not create.

Dick Wolf has a net worth of $600 Million as of 2019.

Dick Wolf



Here are some of the best things that have happened to Dick Wolf:

  • Law & Order (TV-Show, 1990-2010)
  • The Walk of Fame in Hollywood (2007)

Quotes from Dick Wolf that we like

“TV is not about ideas. It’s about execution. And writing and casting. That’s why most of TV drama’s biggest stars have been character actors, not romantic leads. Peter Falk. Telly Savalas. Angela Lansbury. They can inhabit a role for years, and that’s the TV challenge. I like to say a successful movie lasts 110 minutes. A successful TV series lasts 110 hours.” – Dick Wolf 

“Advertising is the art of the tiny. You have to tell a complete story and deliver a complete message in a very encapsulated form. It disciplines you to cut away extraneous information.” – Dick Wolf 

“Drama or comedy programming is still the surest way for advertisers to reach a mass audience. Once that changes, all bets are off.” – Dick Wolf 

“Everybody knows things are not the same. The people running the TV end of a major vertically integrated company know how much money a successful show can make.” – Dick Wolf

“I don’t think you can really make television based on what you think audiences want. You can only make stories that you like because you have to watch it so many times.” – Dick Wolf 

3 Good Things to Learn from Dick Wolf

Now that you know how much money Dick Wolf has and how he got there, let’s look at a few things we can learn from him:

1. Find something that challenges you in life.

You can only “push yourself” for so long before your body, mind, and spirit throw up their hands and say, “F-this, I’m out.”

When you keep pushing yourself to do something, it starts to feel like a duty. But when something pulls you, it feels like you get to do it.

2. Solving Problems

Happiness doesn’t come from going through hard times. Happiness comes from getting rid of the things that cause pain.

3. Take walks

Something about being outside in nature, with no plans other than to enjoy a nice walk and take in nature’s endless beauty, gives me a boost and makes me feel good. It’s really cool. You ought to do it.

Questions People Usually Ask

How much money does Dick Wolf have?

It is thought that Dick Wolf is worth $600 Million.

What’s Dick Wolf’s age?

Dick Wolf was born on December 20, 1946, so he is 75 years old right now.

What’s Dick Wolf’s height?

Dick Wolf is 1.93 m tall, which is 6 feet 4 inches.


“Law & Order” is probably the thing that makes Dick Wolf the most well-known person in the world today. He also worked as a staff writer on the TV show “Hill Street Blues,” which is where he got his first nomination for an Emmy.

As of November 2022, Dick Wolf has about $600 Million in wealth.

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