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Through The CDN

Team Lilith Games, based in Shanghai, makes fun mobile games for gamers all over the world, following the basic strategies of “globalization” and “category evolution.” Lite Games brought Chinese mobile games like “All-Star Heroes,” “Rise of Kingdoms,” and “AFK Arena” to the world. They did this because they knew a lot about the global market and how the category developed.

In 2019, Lite Games was listed as one of LinkedIn’s Top Companies and as one of KPMG’s Top 50 Chinese Cross-Border Brands. From January to April 2020, Lilith Games was the most popular China-based app around the world, based on how much people spent on it. The world from outside of it.

Problems with doing business in the US

Players come from different cities and provinces in China, and the size and quality of the game transporters also vary. So, complex network environments will cause serious delays and network disruptions, especially when cross-network and cross-region scenarios are run in order. This is the main reason why players don’t send their dynamic commands on time, which hurts their performance in the game.

Game performance can go down if a lot of people log in at once. This can lead to network congestion and changes in network quality. This can damage the packet and make it harder to get game content to the players, which can make the game less fun for them.

Complex and risky ways to speed up on your own: How well players can interact with each other depends on how good the streaming acceleration network’s nodes and infrastructure are. Also, root selection and protocol optimization should be tailored. All of these are hard to do on your own if you want to speed up. To get to this level of functionality, you will need a certain level of devices and smart routing strategies. Also, the main risk of a self-made mechanism is network attacks, which can cause the system to become unstable or shut down. Because of this, these problems can have a big effect on businesses.


First, snowcloud sped up the time it took for the game to respond to dynamic commands.

Setting up high-quality asset nodes in the United States:

Alibaba Cloud’s Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) has a lot of asset nodes that cover all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from different cities, provinces, and regions of China so that players can reach out to people nearby. Nodes, DCDN also makes sure connections are stable and have low delays, and it fixes problems that come up when different regions and ISPs connect. Friday night funkin’ games 911 unblocked

Intelligent Routing to Reduce Latency:

The Alibaba Cloud CDN uses global discovery to get transmission latency data from nodes in real time. Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN cut down on game dynamic instruction and online interaction delays by tuning the router based on real-time information from asset nodes.

Protocol Optimization:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN’s own transfer protocol is used for optimization. Compared to the traditional transmission control protocol (TCP), it has been improved to deal with problems caused by slow start mechanisms, congestion control, and data re-transmission. Also, the transfer protocol makes the most of the available bandwidth. By doing this, data transmission efficiency will improve even more, snow cloud bachelor gulch.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud has made game operations more stable.

Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN real-time inter-node transmission uses global identification to find out about packet loss and use intelligent routing to lower the rate of packet loss. By making changes to the router based on real-time information from asset nodes, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN made sure that the game could be controlled in real time and that online interactions could be sent reliably.

Multi-Channel Streaming:

In the US, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN Dynamic game streams data across multiple channels and copies data from instructions and online interactions. Compared to single-channel transmission, this technology makes network changes less likely to happen.

Switching Too Late Zero Latency:

When a node on the platform fails, Alibaba Cloud DCDN quickly switches services with no latency so that players can keep playing as usual. By switching to zero latency, the platform is made sure to be stable.

Also, Alibaba Cloud has made it easier for platforms to work together and safer in the US:

Based on snowcloud’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure, internal protocol optimization, and an intelligent routing system, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN greatly improved its delivery speed and usage, especially in places with slow networks. I. DCDN wants businesses that serve consumers to be open and honest so that their privacy is protected without being invaded. More specifically, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN can get the IP addresses of clients by making a few simple changes to the original server. Implementing nodes in a way that is spread out can also protect the service from attacks.

Customer Benefits Reduced Network Delays:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN cuts down on network delays and makes the user experience better.

Costs can be cut because Alibaba Cloud DCDN lets users move all of their Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network resources from their original servers to a single operation network. This cuts the cost of bandwidth for Origin servers in the US by more than 50%.

Flexibility and safety:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN is easy to use and protects your privacy. It also supports transparent relay and has between 4 and 7 layers of security. So, users don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks or attacks on web applications.


Lilith Games’ snowcloud Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network (DCDN) makes it easier for players to interact with games, saves more than 50% on actual server bandwidth costs, and stops hackers from getting in.

With static and dynamic separation, edge caching, intelligent routing, and compression transmission technologies, DCDN can solve many problems, like slow response, packet loss and unstable service, multiple carriers, and network instability. Because of the initial server, network congestion and single-line traffic spiked. By doing this, you can improve the performance and access of both dynamic and static compounds, as well as the speed of sites or apps that are only dynamic in the United States.

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