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By The Team at CDN

Lilith Games is a mobile game company based in Shanghai that makes fun games for people all over the world. Its main strategies are “Globalization” and “Category Evolution.” Light Games brought Chinese mobile games like “All Star Heroes,” “Rise of Kingdoms,” and “AFK Arena” to the rest of the world. They did this because they knew a lot about the global market and how the category developed.

In 2019, Litegames was listed as one of LinkedIn’s Top Companies and as one of KPMG’s Top 50 Chinese Cross-Border Brands. From January to April 2020, Lilith Games had the most money spent on it by users around the world. The world from outside of it.

Trouble with trade in the U.S.

Poor command of the game’s dynamic: Players come from different cities and provinces in China, and the size and quality of the transporters used in the game also vary. So, network delays and outages will be very bad in complex network environments, especially when configuring scenarios across networks and regions. This is the main reason why players don’t send their dynamic commands on time, which hurts their game performance.

Reduced Game Performance:

When a lot of players log in all at once, it can slow down the network and cause the quality of the network to go up and down. This can damage the package and make it hard to get the game content to the player, which makes the game less fun.

Self-acceleration mechanisms that are complicated and not very safe: the best way for players to interact with each other depends on the quality of the nodes and infrastructure in the streaming acceleration network. Customization is also needed for route selection and protocol optimization. All of these are hard to do on your own for self-paced acceleration. To get this kind of functionality, you’ll need to look into a certain level of hardware and smart routing strategies. Also, the main link in the self-healing system is the fact that network attacks can cause instability and shut down. Because of this, these problems can have a big effect on businesses.


First, Friday night funkin unblocked games 911 decreased the amount of time it took for dynamic commands in the game to take effect.

High-Quality Asset Node Deployment in the US:

For players to connect with individuals nearby, Alibaba Cloud’s Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) provides a sizable number of asset nodes that cover all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in various cities, provinces, and regions in China. Nodes DCDN also ensures connection stability and low latency. Additionally, it resolves issues with connectivity between various areas and ISPs.

Smart Routing to Reduce Latency:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN uses global discovery to get transmission latency data from nodes in real time. Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN cut down on the latency of dynamic game instructions and online interactions by tuning the router based on real-time information from asset nodes.

Protocol Optimization:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN’s own transfer protocol is used for optimization. Compared to traditional Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), it has been improved to deal with problems caused by slow startup, congestion control, and data retransmission mechanisms. Also, the transfer protocol makes the most of the bandwidth available. By doing this, single broken ice cloud data transmission works even better.

Also, Alibaba Cloud has made lerner and rowe net worth’s operations more stable.

Smart Routing to Reduce Packet Loss Rate:

Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN uses global identification to get real-time data on packet loss from node-to-node transmission. By making changes to the router based on information from asset nodes, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN made sure that dynamic game instructions and online interactions were always sent out in a stable way.

Multichannel Transmission in the US:

With multi-channel streaming, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN copies dynamic game online instructions and interaction data and streams it through multiple channels. This technology makes networks less unstable than single-channel transmission.

Zero Latency Late Conversion:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN changes r fast services with zero latency to make sure players can keep playing normally when a node on the platform fails. By changing to zero latency, the platform will be stable.

Also, Alibaba Cloud has made it easier for platforms to work together and safer in the US:

Based on friday night funkin unblocked games 911’s content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure, internal protocol optimization, and intelligent routing system, Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN greatly improves its delivery and use speed, especially in bad network environments. I.I. DCDN helps its customers run their businesses in a way that protects their privacy without invading their privacy. More specifically, the IP addresses of Alibaba Cloud’s DCDN clients can be made fun of with a few simple changes to the original backend. Attacks can also be stopped by putting nodes in different places.

User Benefits User Experience Gets Better:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN cuts down on network latency and makes the user experience better.

Price drop:

With Alibaba Cloud DCDN, users can turn all of their origin servers’ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network resources into a single-operation network. This cuts the cost of bandwidth by more than 50% for Origin servers in the US.

Flexibility and security:

Alibaba Cloud DCDN is easy to use and protects your privacy. It also supports transparent relay and has between 4 and 7 layers of security. So, users don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks or attacks on web applications.


Lilith Games’ Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network (DCDN) makes it easier for players to interact with games, saves more than 50% on real server bandwidth costs, and stops hackers from getting in.

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