How To Play Middle Poker Pairs; Knowing When To Call, Fold Or Raise

How To Play Middle Poker Pairs; Knowing When To Call, Fold Or Raise

Poker is not a mere card game of luck; it involves substantial skill level. If you really want to be a victorious poker player, you must learn the tricks and many intricate strategies. Pairs are very important arsenal in the game of poker, very beneficial when you use it properly.

Middle pocket pairs

When you are dealing with middle pocket pairs is quire tricky, as the decision made based on those pairs can be a turning point of the game. Bitesize strategy deals with middle pocket players, which are fundamentally pairs from pocket 8s to pocket jacks. The most important time is before the flop. One is flabbergasted whether to call, fold, or raise with their pocket pairs. If you know and practice Bitesize strategy, you will surely have the edge over others.


Calling before the flop catches your opponents oblivious, and gives little away about your hand. In this manner, you camouflage your hand and limit your exposure. You can make an assessment of the situation by just calling before the flop. If the cards delivered in the flop are not in expectation of your standard, including one or two overcards, you can exit the game inexpensively without entrusting any more stake into the pot.

You also retain the possibility in hand, if you get suitable cards in the flop, you can increase your stake and get a better payout.


Just exit the game by folding, when you assume your opponents have better pairs than your middle pocket pairs. If you fold before the flop, or else you pay heavily for the mistake. Sometimes you fold before the flop and find you did it wrongly, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Go with your gut feeling, if you feel higher pair is in the hand of your opponent, discard the card, keep your bankroll safe.


When you hold middle pocket pairs, raise before the flop. It should not be done just because you feel; you have a good pair. It is necessary to estimate the playing field, and see the raise would be beneficial to you or not. You must remember the middle pocket pairs are good at starting point but often crushed at the end of the game. Use your gambling instinct and assess the overall situation to play middle poker pairs.

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