Ways of Limiting Payouts Adopted by Online Casinos

Ways of Limiting Payouts Adopted by Online Casinos

Online casinos can impose a limit on the withdrawal amount requested by a player.  They can set the bar in two different ways. By the first method, the limit is laid down by a definite ratio of deposit. Hence the utmost limit is calculated on the percentage preset by the casino. Else they can enforce a direct limit on the withdrawal amount. But this method is not pertinent to progressive jackpots. The key motive behind these limitations is that no online casino wants to bear unlimited liability. High roll players make hug deposit in their account, their stakes are high, and when they win, they win big. If they request a large payout immediately after the triumph, the financial planning of the casino will be jeopardized.

Limit on gaming option

Slot machines are always preferred and acclaimed by wagers all over the world. It is also the source of principal revenue for casinos. The total bet in one spin is the maximum amount one can put in stake. The online bookmaker can put an embargo on wagering options. A casino can also formulate rules as regards to a number of coins, playline, enormity that can be used in a single payline. The payout is always calculated on the ratio of the bet amount, so by design, it gets limited. In free spin and bonus rounds, you do not need to put extra money, but if you win, you can ask for a payout.

Different withdrawal methods

Foremost and reputed online casinos offer various withdrawal methods. There are numerous ones to choose from; it can be bank transfer, check, by third party merchants like PayPal, and even through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The online casinos use state of the art banking systems which are highly encoded to carry your transactions in a fully safe and protected way. As the banking system is completely safe and secure, you can give full attention to gaming. The software they used for gaming is procured from leading vendors like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming to give you unmatched, unique, seamless gaming experience. The deposit and payout methods of reputed online casinos are not only protected and secure; they are very user friendly, sometimes just a click of the mouse is needed to complete the transaction.

Summing up

The modern, improved, streamlined banking system offers all the convenience and ease; ten minutes are required to process your payout request. A speedy hassle-free banking system is one of the major characteristics of an excellent reputable online casino.

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