Poker Position: Why the Best Way to Play Is In Position

Poker Position: Why the Best Way to Play Is In Position

Excellent poker players recognize position is a key feature in the game and determining factor in the end result. The term “playing in position” means the player is in a position to make the last move after every player else has done.

Best to play in position

As you make the last move, you have all the relevant information at your fingertips. You have the edge as you have seen the events unfolding before you, and what happened to your fellow players. This information helps you to make a judicious decision when your turn comes. Someone who is not in the advantageous position of playing in position; have to make wild guess estimating hands of the opponents without any information.

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Playing in position means you are the last player to make a move. This also refers you are seating a few seats away from the right side of the dealer. As the game of poker starts from the seat positioned left of the dealer goes around the table and ultimately teaches you. As the game progress ever player reveals some bit of information which gives you a certain edge. In this fashion, you get the maximum benefit when you are playing in this position. Spend some time watching the table, gathering information, and try to find a seat on the left of the weak player. You get the positional power against the weak opponent, who does not have a notion of what you are doing or defending.

As this position provides so much benefit and power, it is sometimes called “Jesus Seat.” You have many advantages when you sit in this position of positional power. 


Any player seating in the early or middle position is playing “out of position.” As soon as the cards are dealt with, someone has to initiate the move; it is said the player is “under the gun.” This expression describes the pressure of the situation a player has to go. This position can prove extremely expensive for the player, who regularly plays in this position. A player under the gun has to act first before and after the flop. If you are in this position, act with more caution. There is one and only strategy when it comes to Poker Position. The Best Way to Play is in Position, only play with really good hands. It must consist of kings, queens, aces, and pairs.

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